Wednesday 1 September 2021

Exciting news!

 Well, here we are on busy Wednesday, so far I’ve got the kittens are now all bathed. Their bath waters were all much less grimy than it was when they had their first bath at 6 weeks. Next, baby wipes out and their claws were cleaned , but I decided that they didn’t quite need them clipping just yet - they won a small reprieve there. Next ear cleaning and again, they were much cleaner than they were on the first occasion. Humphrey was bathed first, he was very calm and sedate. Next came the collarless blue who was a little less still. Next was the kitten who had had the green collar on, he wiggled as did the kitten who had had the lilac band. They each have a clean, different coloured adjustable collar on . I will see how they go today with these. I’m very conscious that they’re designed for use with fur babies and so if their skin looks like it’s in danger of being abraded I will remove them and use the snag free hair bands again which are very soft. I have plenty more of those! 

No sweet 🌹 Rose, I shall not reveal which colour collar I’ve replaced with which! That’s my little secret (for now!) . 

The collars are important for the vet tomorrow as he must keep a separate medical record for each kitten. At the moment, when I booked the appointments in I just called them kittens 1- 4. Tomorrow each record will have data added, such as the health data and weights, the individual batch number of their vaccinations and the microchip that’s implanted. So having kittens identifiable as they work is vital, particularly as since Covid owners cannot do into the consultation rooms with their pets. So kitten 1 tomorrow may be noted as colour solid black and bear his name, Humphrey while another example might be kitten 2 will be solid blue no collar, kitten 3 solid blue red collar, kitten 4 solid blue purple collar . Even if they have different collars by the time they go back again (they will I’m certain!), and each will be then have been given his name I’m sure, their records having notes such as this will help keep their health records correct for their new families.

So, exciting news I promised you, and ….🥁 …🥁 …🥁 … I’m ready to deliver! Although no reservation fee has as yet been paid, Im thrilled so reveal that each little lad now has the offer on the table of a fabulous & perfect new home to go to! 

Humphrey (black) is set to be a future breeding cat doing his bit to ensure that future generations of Sphynx cats will carry the healthy genetics this cattery insists upon forward helping to assure the breed’s strong future without genetic heart defects. As I do not keep any male myself, he is going to be in the cattery where his mum Prune came from. What’s fabulous is that that cattery which has two males, one who is Prunes Dad, the other is her “husband” so the new generations that Humphrey will sure carry a bit of both the those fine gents forward. 

The blue brothers are each going to their respective new families over the next three days and will (with the permissions given) be able to have their names revealed. 

I believe that the right families have come forward for these beautiful kittens and that each will have fabulous lives and change those of the families that are being adopted into. I’m delighted. Thank you all for choosing Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire Cattery . 

For now, here’s a rather attractive snap of a snack being grabbed at while mum was busy minding her own business having a groom! 🤣 She is so patient, she carried on anyway!