Sphynx Kittens For Sale

Are you considering welcoming a Sphynx kitten to be part of your household & family? 

Would you like to join the NSCH Kitten Waiting List?

Please note: a request to join our kitten waiting list is not /does not subscribe or sign you up to any kid of email subscription. We will not continually email you. 

Waiting list

If you ask to be on our eating list you will be contacted only when we have news regarding breeding and will have/have kittens available.  So that you know what to expect here’s the occasions when we will email: 
  • when there’s been a mating.  In this email we will ask you if you are still looking for a kitten & want to remain on our list! 
  • We will email again 3 weeks later - pregnancy can be condition day 21 after a successful mating so hopefully this email is confirming that there is a successful pregnancy. In this email we will provide the expected due date & the calculated dates for in person viewings & the earliest possible kitten collection date. Hopefully these dates will allow you to plan ahead for when you’ll be able to welcome your new Sphynx Kitten. We will again ask you to let us know if you want to continue to be on our waiting list! 
  • We email you 6 weeks later. This will be as soon as possible after the kittens have beenborn, letting you know the same day if we can! We will let you know the size of the litter, the sex and colours of the kittens. 
In each email we ask you to respond to let us know if you want to continue to receive news or if you no longer wish to hear from us. 

It could be that since you originally asked to be on our waiting list you’ve found your Sphynx at another Cattery or it might be that your wishes/plans have changed. We just don’t want to be bothersome if you would prefer not to hear from us. 

Whatever the reason you ask to be removed, please be reassured that once you have informed us that you no longer wish to be in the list we will remove your name and details from our waiting list.  To reassure you still further, we fully respect your privacy and do not continue to store nor do we share your details with any other party. 

You are of course always welcome to rejoin the list at any time in the future should you be looking to expand your brood.

Of course even if you are in the list, you may see news items (such as births) announced on our weblog or our Facebook page if you are a follower of our page.

To help with planning both financial and to have your home & family ready to receive your kitten here is a 21 week (5 months) info/timeline for your guidance… 
  • Week 0 / Day 0. Mating recorded
    • Timings in pregnancy are counted the date of the first recorded mating: 
    • A cat pregnancy is usually 63-65 days in total (9 weeks). 
    • Sphynx Kittens remain with the mother for 12 weeks. 
  • Week 3/Day 21. Confirmation of pregnancy. 
  • Week 9/ Day 63 Kittening should occur between day 63-65.
    • Reservations are invited (after application & video viewings).This means your chosen kitten is not open to any other interested party. Reservation fees are non refundable.
  • Week 17 kittens are +8 weeks. First vaccinations & in person viewings  (Covid reliant).  
  • Week 21 Kittens are +12 weeks, second vaccination & collection: 
    • Balance due on or before collection.
Please note: dates I provide may be subject to small changes. An example of this being a birth on day 66 pushing calculated collection dates forward. or if I should feel any kitten needs just a little longer with mum before leaving us for their new life with you adding a day or two extra. .

A reserved kitten is not offered as available or open to viewing to any other person. For this reason reservation fees are non returnable, protecting the Cattery from additional costs incurred if a client should you fail to complete their purchase. 

Occasionally clients pre-order kittns before birthZ this might be is they are seeking. Specific colour or sex of kitten. Where that person has been on my waiting list,they would be informed of the kitten arrival and have first option on that kitten. 
If you are considering owning &/or purchasing a Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kitten and would like further information on my cattery’ polcies please email us at: NakedSphynxCatHants@icloud.com. 

As an alternative to email you can of course use the Contact Us form located in the sidebar menu (on the right of the screen) ->->->

I do not offer any kind of email or newsletters subscription of any kind.

If you’d like to keep up with NSCH news, you may wish to periodically visit the weblog page where I keep a written record a bit like a conversational ‘diary’ . Mostly this is added to during a pregnancy & after the birth of a litter.  When we have a litter I continue posting regular updates over the full 12 weeks until our kittens leave us to go with their new families to live their amazing lives. This posting serves as a memory box for me but most importantly allows intended kitten parents to have as full an experience and record of their kitten as it’s possible for me to give. 

After kittens have left I may occasionally post updates if for example a family send me updates they are happy for me to share about their kitten as it becomes a cat within their family. It’s always a joy to hear how they are doing and the happiness they bring.

When there are no pregnancies or kittens Cattery news is limited so I do not post often when it’s “out of season”. 

Click the link provided to access my cattery Facebook page - don’t forget to click LIKE to receive notifications directly from Facebook whenever I’ve posted. Again, just to reiterate, I’m not a prolific poster outside of kittening times so you will not ever be inundated with notifications. 

Keeping in touch after taking your kitten home…. 

All Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kittens & their humans are special VIPS.

Though not everyone will choose to do so, the honour that is afforded to us when kitten parents keep in touch is genuinely appreciated. Our kittens are part of our family and so hearing about who they become as cats with big lives of their own is such a pleasure. Your stories and photos a treasured peek into your worlds. 

Please be reassured that anything you choose to share with us is treated with respect to your privacy. We would only ever share your stories and images on our own website or social media pages having asked for and received your express permission. When we do so, anything published would ensure that your privacy is protected. 

While ongoing relationship is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, your kitten is always going to be important to us. Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kittens are sold under contract part of which states that we will initiate contact with you a minimum of twice per year. This contact is simply part of what I feel is my responsibility as their breeder. But rest assured, it does not seek to be intrusive, I simply enquire how your cat (& you) are doing! 

Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire

TICA Registered Cattery

(TICA prefix: NakedSphynxCat)

Available Kittens are listed at www.pets4homes.co.uk 

I can supply you with references by connecting you directly to families who already enjoy life with NSCH kitten/cats. These connections will be facilitated upon request. 

Viewing: In person viewing of Kittens are appointment only. 

Covid: (see additional information below) Though we much prefer to have in person viewings when kittens are 8 weeks of age, we now live in a world with covid-19. Depending on numbers of active cases and current legislation in person viewings may not be possible in which case they will be offered by video call with collections regrettably having to be doorstep handover (not before 12 weeks).

It is essential that newborns are protected from pathogens present in the outside world before they have had opportunity to build up their immune systems. No in person viewings will take place until a litter is at least 8 weeks of age & only after they have received their first vaccinations

While we long to welcome you into our world, the health & welfare of our cats & kittens is our priority, thus the cattery door will remain firmly closed until then.

Very occasionally if they can go ahead, viewings may be further delayed should I feel or my vet recommends that any kitten be given a little extra quiet time with mum.

CollectionsNo kitten ever leaves the cattery until it has reached 12 weeks. Should a kitten require just a little longer with mum we will decide to keep a kitten a few days more.  We will always keep new families informed. 

Our priorities & interest is always in ensuring NSCH kittens are robust & purr-fectly ready when they leave mum to begin their new lives. 

See our blog posts for the most up to date information.


Covid 19 & it’s effect on the cattery in terms of kitten viewings & collections.

My beautiful cats are in robust health, however the same cannot always be said of me. I’m a little ‘faulty’. & this ‘fault’ is treated by being kept medically immune suppressed. These medications have placed me squarely into the ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ group in terms of how the government has managed Covid 19, it’s lockdowns & restrictions (or lack of) 

Already shielding prior to the UK’s official lockdown in March 2020. I continued living this way until early in 2021 when gratefully I had had both vaccinations administered however, despite having that protection, my doctors continue to advise I continue living very cautiously & limit the amount of contacts I have with others. 

We cannot know yet what Covid will do to us or what restrictions will be in place over the coming few months, but, I can have plans in place for the likely scenarios.

Dependant on covid 19 cases at week 8 (approx 1st September) should I feel I can offer in person viewings I must limit the welcome I offer toby inviting hust 1 person wearing PPE to come inside to meet the cats & kittens

This hurts since our relationship is very important & such limitations are detrimental to the development of this as well as to the viewing experience.

Ideally a viewing at the cattery would be relaxed, open ended & would involve your entire household being invited in to be submerged in the joy of being amongst my chowder.  Those new to having a Sphynx have found this experience so enjoyable & I’ve always encouraged visitors to indulge in any practice they feel they might want while I’m around to give guidance thus they leave feeling confident in their future life with their incredible Sphynx kitten. 

I am so sorry that  I cannot afford you this same freedom and access but please know that I want you to feel safe & comfortable as you choose/reserve your kitten. 

Whatever the restriction Covid decrees, in order that your journey through this process is successful we must not be perturbed. I am absolutely committed to making sure that your journey is wholesome and that you feel supported, confident and comfortable. I want us both to be safe as you choose/reserve your kitten which might entail a restricted in person viewing or we may have to fall back in video call viewings or indeed a mixture of both. 

What does a restricted ‘In Person’ viewing look like? 

If meeting in person is possible it will be:
  • limited strictly to one person only. 
  • the viewer must wear a properly positioned/fitted mask at all times, 
  • You must remove your outdoor shoes &
  • You must a anitise your hands before coming inside.
  • Additionally you must maintain a reasonable distance
Though that all sounds a bit clinical you will be welcomed into a warm, ventilated room where, because the Sphynx cat is no respecter of propriety or personal space, not aware of the existence of Covid the cats & kittens will immediately set about introducing themselves to you. No such thing as shy here! 

We look forward to our meetings no matter what form they will take!

What are you waiting for??? - your journey is about to begin! 

Birth Announcement 2019

Prune: 3rd July 2019 - 5x kittens: 2 solid blue males, 1 solid blue female, 2 solid black females. 

20th October 2017 At lunchtime after complications during labour Noodle gave birth by cesarean section to one female kitten weighing in at 103 grams.

Day 0 - minutes old. At vets.
Day Zero - at home with mum
Not even a handful. So delicate and tiny.