Prune's Portraits

Not to be outshone by Noodle, Prune makes a wonderful subject for photos. Here are her best bits for you to enjoy!

Prune at her breeder's aged 10 weeks

Prune's first close up. Look at those lovely wrinkles!

Prune comes home!

Is this the beginning of her modelling career?
Sure looks like it!

Look Mum, I can lick my nose!

Snuggled in.

Prune came when Noodle stiill had her kitten with her.
Within 4 days Prune was one of the family. 

Why can't I sleep?

It's comfy like this.


We can both fit on this heat mat.

Just one of our matching outfits.

Back to Naked.

Winter warmers.

We can both fit in here too!

But so much toom when its just me!

Hold it, Hold It!


Symbiosis! More jazzy clothing!

Mum got a Slynx

Drone shot!

Cat or Kangeroo?