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The Sphynx Cat is the Ultimate Feline Product Tester

There's no doubt about it, Sphynx Cats are demanding of attention. They're cats who require lots of mental stimulation, love a challenge & have superior intelligence.  It’s these qualities that make them ideal subjects for training, if this is an area that you are keen to explore!

The Sphynx can never be accused of being aloof or standoffish like many other feline breeds.  Far from it, the Sphynx cat will take every opportunity to socialise and to discover...

It’s just as well that the Sphynx has abundant energy, is seemingly indefatigable & is never too tired to engage in some high octane play - You just say the word! My girls know the sound of the drawer in which I keep their favourite toys (that can’t be played with on their own). If I open this drawer, no matter how stealthily they come running - even when my intent was not to play at all!

Naked Sphynx Cats Hampshire is a 'normal' home where live two lively Sphynx cats. I don't mind telling you, as my treasured & rather spoiled pets, it can be said they rule the roost! No area is a no cat zone.

These pam-purred ladies of mine also produce an occasional litter of kittens, filling our home for a few intense weeks with utterly charming little naked kittens. When kittens are a little older mums & ‘Aunty’s’ enjoy endless games, remembering they were once kittens too. As they play kittens are learning to stealthily hunt, to pounce, capture and 'kill' or else are jumping & climbing as they seek to become masters of their surroundings.

The incredible qualities of the Sphynx cat & the fact they live in a home environment surely make Noodle & Prune (& their litters) THE purrrrfect cats to put your product well-and-truly through it’s paces.

If you would like Noodle & Prune to test your product please make contact with us using the Contact Us form on the right-hand side →⇢→⇢ or alternatively you can email us at NakedSphynCatHants@icloud.com

Noodle & Prune will properly test your product, they will use it as you instruct us to & in the environment for which it is intended (i.e CATS!!!!), and, since the Sphynx is by nature the most demanding of cats you can be assured that Noodle and Prune will be delivering a fair, unbiased & therefore trustworthy opinion of your products - these cats don't lie! We can take photos or create video of your product in use so that you can assess if it is being used as you anticipated & perhaps see where any change might be beneficial. We’ll give you our down to earth opinions & tell you if we think there are ways it could be improved to make it more fun/beneficial or where we feel it is lacking or unsafe. We'll make a full written or videoed report on your product highlighting all its pro's & cons.

After your product has had a complete & thorough testing, with your permission we'll write a blog post for publication right her on our website describing our experience & we will also voice our opinions in the public domain, via our YouTube channel, Facebook page & Instagram account. If it gets the thumbs up, we will even list in in our recommended products area too. Our audience is steadily growing with new followers month on month so in return for your product not on;y will we test & review it we’ll also be gifting you additional exposure to an audience with proven interest in your kind of product.

We will with your permission publish video footage of your product being used and showcase this on our site, on Facebook and on our YouTube channel, and we will also Tweet to our followers too!

As we continue to work at building our audience, you'll have not only the benefit of honest product feedback, you'll also benefit from the exposure of having your product seen by an already invested and engaged audience giving your quantitative and qualitative traffic.

There's loads of benefits asking us to test drive your product is a no-brainer so do contact us today.