Thursday 26 October 2017

Eyes Open

I've been spending all my time these last few days learning the ropes. In a lot of ways it's come naturally with the learning curve smooth, clean and clear but other parts have been slippery strewn with hazardous boulders so not easy at all.

I have laid and sat on my baby several times. I am driven to lay down immediately I am near her and bare my tummy and chest but what I haven't got right all the time is being aware or too careful of where my baby actually is and how easy I am making it for her. She is after all blind!

I find getting her to keep still an issue too and hold her down with my arms or legs just so I can catch a break in the nest because most of the time she is relentless,  like a machine blindly seeking out food but silly girl has been sucking in all the wrong places and in doing so causing me so much pain. She might me a vampire with all this blood sucking she has done!

How do I manoeuvre it, hold it, carry it, help it or simply encourage it to sleep?

My human has been on hand... has carried out some rescues .... has helped with feeding and also encouraging my daughter to feed .... and she has sometimes needed to take my baby out of the nest which results in me having the strongest urge to put her back, making to hold her any way I can to move her back into her place. I need to react some how every time she squeals and sometimes those squeals are louder than others and I try to work out what they mean.

Today was a little bit different. I looked at my little girl and saw these big round and dark eyes staring right at me.  Goodness, those eyes are huge even, if they cannot see to much just yet. But they are open.

I do love her.... she makes the slightest sound and I am there... and I am trilling musically each time I return to the nest having taken a short break, or when I am in the nest and snuggle her.......she may look like a fat overfed hippo with her tummy stretched to bursting but she is my overfed hippo.

My human took a couple of photos as soon as we saw that her eyes were open today but,  by the time the camera was ready the little piglet was feeding again and by then her eyes were half closed. Still, it is an exciting landmark sort of day 😁

Sphynx Kitten opens its eyes
The contented half shut eye of feeding.

Sphynx Kitten open eyes
Love this milk.

Feeding Sphynx Kitten
They are open, honest