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On this page, you'll find information about the products we use, or that we want to use 

The pet supply world is now a big marketplace with sales for pet products at the highest they’ve ever been. We love our pets. This means there’s a lot of competition among manufacturers for their share of that market. 

While the choices are vast choice, in the provision of care to Noodle & Pru, as well as to the kittens they produce, I want to always be able to provide them with the happiest and most healthy life I can. I therefore spend a lot of time in researching products & reading reviews so that when I buy or recommend, I can make what I hope is an educated choice.

If you would like the Naked Sphynx Cats & kittens to trial and/or create video a review while they are using your product, please email us at NakedSphynxCatHants@icloud.com to discuss.


A Sphynx cat should always be fed with a superior and high-quality cat food which will cater to their naturally high metabolism.
  • A cat (of any breed) should never be left to go without food for long periods, unless this is on veterinary advice.
For more information on all types of feeding please see our Sphynx Cat Care & Health page and for information on raw feeding please see our page: Raw Feeding & Transitioning.

Noodle & Prune's Food History

Royal Canin - Kitten (dry) is what Noodle was being fed with when I collected her at 19 weeks old. This brand does also offer a Kitten Sterilised designed to be most appropriate if/when you have a kitten neutered however, since the Sphynx has a high metabolism which requires extra calories, even after neutering it is preferable to keep your kitten on the standard kitten food for its entire first 12 months.

Noodle's breath smelled on the RC Kitten so I decided to try a different brand to see if this improved things. I made a slow transition onto Hills Science Plan - Kitten (dry). I did note an improvement in her breath so kept her on Hills Kitten food until she was just over a year old.

Since Kitten specific food is so rich in calories and nutrients which are so important to support a cat in a pregnancy and also when she is nursing her kittens, I used this same brand during Noodle's first pregnancy as well as throughout her lactation. Feeding kitten specific food supports the healthy development of the unborn kittens and ensures that once born there is sufficient highly nutritional milk produced for them while at the same time giving the mother the nutrients she needs to remain in good condition.

Kitten variety food is suitable to use as a weaning food. It can be soaked in water or formula to make it soft for weaning very young kittens and getting them to eat both dry and wet kitten foods ready for new owners to collect them at 12 weeks.

To aid the mother cat to regain lost weight and condition after kittens have weaned and have left for their new homes the mother cat should remain on Kitten food for several weeks at least until she has returned to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Hills ID - Adult Vets Essentials - (dry)

When taking Noodle off of Kitten food at just over a year I wanted one that would cater to her tendency to suffer from bad breath. I then noted with the first adult food she had that she also had a tendency to have a sensitive digestive tract which was evidenced by the occasional presence of blood and mucus on her stools. The vet then advised that I use a diet for a sensitive stomach so I chose to use Hills Prescription Diet Food which helped.

Natural Instincts RAW FOOD

When Noodle's first kitten was old enough to wean I began introducing her to raw food. She took to immediately and, once well established she no longer needed her mother's milk. Since it was put down for the kittens and Noodle showed interest I also began to introduce raw food as a future diet change for Noodle at the same time keeping up her normal dry food diet.

Prune, joined us when Noodle's first kitten was ready to go and as she was also weaned onto raw food by her breeder it made sense to continue feeding raw.

Home Produced Raw Food

Since raw was what I was trying to get established, after a while having researched it fully I decided to make my own investing heavily in a grinder and boxes for freezing batches of processed raw meat, offal and bone.

Transitioning back to dry food

Noodle who I already knew to be sensitive, did not do so well as Id hoped on raw and began to become sick. Consulting with the vet we tried various methods to help her here including her being anaesthetised to have her throat and stomach examined to check for any hidden problems.

Eventually I made the difficult decision to come away from raw once more and returned her to the dry good she did so well on, this time opting for an adult food made specifically for the Sphynx Cat made by Royal Canin.

Noodle's Second Pregnancy July- August - September 2018

I have Noodle on Royal Canin Kitten mixed with Royal Canin Mother & Baby. Both are suitable for gestation as well as being suitable for her kittens when they are born and old enough to eat solid foods. Noodle does not seem to suffer the same bad breath she used to do on RC kitten food.

As I feed my cat dry and it is always down, Prune is also eating the kitten and mother and baby mix!


Oh, the temptation to indulge your beloved pet, especially when you see how much love they are prepared to give for that scrumptious treat! 

This is true Cupboard Love.

The fact is that treats should be just that, a treat enjoyed occasionally.  This meant NO titbits from your plate which encourages unwanted behaviour such as pestering you when you are eating, or even stealing from your plate!

Uses for treats

Treats or food given in a specially designed toy that makes the cat work for its treats are useful activities to keep your Sphynx (or other cats) amused and challenged.  They can also be used for training.

Certain toys can be used to satisfy their superior intelligence along with treats as rewards for working it all out - We like this one - Trixie Brain Mover Strategy Game

For an overweight cat, a way to use treats (or even to feed them their regular dry food) is to put the food or treat into a ball device which not only serves to greatly slow down a greedy cat's too fast eating, it also provides them with agility training and exercise at the same time!

Noodle & Prune's favourite treats are:

  • LickyLicks on LickyMat Soother
  • Cheese (Prune in particular- even dairylea)
  • Cod (Noodle)
  • Digestive biscuits/crisps/crackers. Noodle is a piglet, particularly now she is on a permanent low calorie diet. 
  • Dreamies - All kinds
  • Moist sticks - Any make of these as popular with Noodle though Prune turned her nose up and walked away right up until she had babies. I guess she was so greedy for extra calories she got over her reluctance. She is still dainty & slower whereas Noodle will gobble an treat. I buy those that have a meat content of at least with a 95%.
  • Chicken Hearts - those on raw diets love these!
  • Whitebait (also part of the raw food treat range) are loved!


Treats come into their own as a tool for training working simply because your pet likes them so much and so will do anything to receive them!

A Sphynx cat can be clicker trained in the same way that a dog can. It does take dedication and patience - but it can be seriously rewarding. 

I can ask both cats now for a kiss  - and will be given one too when I have favourite treats in my hand - Noodle will even check my hands first to make sure that the treat is at the ready. She is not giving kisses away for nothing! 

She will also give me a kiss as a way to ask for treats. She will kiss me and then check my hands. I've been trying for a High 5 but she is not cottoning on.

I've recently purchased a hotel desk bell and am planning to dedicate time to teach them to ring it to ask for a treat. I might live to fregret it but can always hide the bell away.

A word to the wise - keep treats shut away. Your cat will know exactly where they are and get keen when you go near that cupboard or drawer!

Care Products

Manufacturer websites are always the best place to visit to gain the fullest, most honest product-specific details. They will often supply downloadable/printable data/safety sheets which list the full ingredients, and give proper usage instructions and advise of any possible contraindications. 

The products mentioned here are those that I use to care for Noodle and Prune. In most cases, products listed here are not the only product of their type available. , A different make or other product may be the best option for your pet.




  • Clothing - I have shopped on Etsy mainly and have quite a wardrobe of clothing by now including UV protective fabric onesies with matching hats for both girls!
  • Harness - My best one so far is from Butterfly Cat Jackets on Etsy
  • Panacur Paste for Cats
  • Panacur Liquid
  • Styptic Powder - Hyperdrug Styptic Powder
  • Heat mat - Pet Nap Pet Heat Pads - A heat mat is one of the best purchases I have made particularly since Noodle became sexually mature and I discovered heat helped to soothe her. I purchased a flexible one to begin with, however, this was replaced later on with the solid one. She loves it! I purchased a second one since Prune and Noodle don't always like to share!
  • Pet Beds - all kinds. We have caves, igloos, tents, snuggle sacks and more. Some store bought and some are handmade coming from Etsy and eBay sellers. A cardboard box also works well and they provide great play places when a delivery has been made. Buy washable wherever possible.
  • Pet Blankets - We have all kinds, plush, fluffy and fleece but for kitten birthing, I use Vetbed which is a product that is very widely used by vets because it has some unique qualities including that it can be washed at 90 degrees centigrade (and even jet washed apparently). There are several kinds to vet bed to choose from.
  • Litter Tray - I prefer to use a lidded one and chose one designed so that the whole top flap lifts back allowing me ease of access for scooping. I did originally have one of those you turn the handle on and which then has a draw to pull out (supposedly to dump the clumped solid waste). This model needed to be used with a clay litter to work properly, however, this litter type is heavy for me to manage and is also not biodegradable. I also found it quite difficult to turn it and pull the draw which was not as effective as it might have been. I eventually bought the Pet Safe automatic litter tray which uses silica litter. With it, I purchased a permanent tray as the cartidge system for it is so expensive to use long term. Silica litters are biodegradable too.
  • Litter locker brilliant for easy and safe disposal of litter waste. Needs refill cartridges.
  • The Cat Litter currently in use (at the time of writing) is Tigerino Silica. It does not last one month as it says on the pack but it does trap and contain the smell of urine very well. It is compostable and so its environmental credentials fit with my life values.
  • Petsafe ScoopFree Litter Box (purchased December 2017)
  • Cazami Cat Exercise Wheel - 2018. Big, but so worth it. Noodle adores this and during heat cycles find it extremely useful to run off her frustrations. Prune took longer to come to use it and will occasionally get on and have a little jog.
  • SlinX - Made in the USA by an Etsy seller Simply Sphynx. 2018. Wanted this for so long. Prune loves to climb inside, however, I am disappointed because after wanting it for so long I now find it very difficult to wear. This is because the straps are just not long enough for a lady of my stature to do up. A great shame..


Pregnancy Diagnosis Ultrasound Scanning (Cats & Dogs) in your own home

http://www.findascanner.co.uk/ to find one in your local area

Noodle & Pru's Wish List

CatGenie Self Flushing and Cleaning Litter Box - the nearest thing to self-maintaining litter trays you can get.
Pedigroom Pet Bath to save mums back during bathtimes!