The Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire Queens

Here Come The Girls! 


  • TICA Active Registered FULL PEDIGREE - Female Sphynx Cat
  • TICA Registration #SBT 041416 001
  • Pedigree Name: Elizabeth Amber 
  • Pet Name: Noodle
  • Date of Birth: April 14th, 2015
  • Eyes: Aqua
  • Colour: Blue Mink/White


  • Registered Full Pedigree Active - Female Sphynx Cat
  • Pedigree Name:
  • Pet Name(s): Prune, Pru
  • Date of Birth: 13th October 2017
  • Eyes:
  • Colour: Solid Black
Please view other pages on this website for specific topic detailed information relating to Sire(s) chosen for matings, Cat pregnancy, Kittens, Sphynx Cat Care & Health, Product Recommendations and to learn about Noodle's and Prunes lives as my fabulous pets

For Noodle's story please read the page Finding Noodle and for Prune's please read Picking Prunella

If you are considering making space in your home and being totally owned by a Sphynx kitten/cat and have never cared for a Sphynx Cat before, please refer to the Sphynx Cat Care & Health page to begin your research into the breed as they have some specific care needs that must be met for them to live happily and healthily.

The Sphynx is a charming, active and curious breed of cat that will totally enrapture and will capture your heart completely. 

Most Sphynx cat owners will be very happy to talk to you about the breed and as owners themselves are very often the best-placed people to provide you with guidance and advice based on their real experiences with their Sphynx cat(s).