Noodle's Photo Gallery

Playful and upside out.

In search of the perfect shot

Noodle doesn't always cooperate fully when I want to take photos which makes trying to get a portrait-worthy shot nigh-on impossible - unless of course, she is asleep and, to be honest, even then it's not guaranteed. A good shot, therefore, one to celebrate!

In no chronological order at all, here are some Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire paparazzi snaps of Noodle's first year to bring you some joy

So very lady-like.
Pouch time.
It's pouch o'clock
Warm patio stones in the early spring sunshine.
My favourite fleece blanket

Blissed out

A new snuggle sack

Zonked baby

19 weeks old and looking fly!

I'm not going to look at the camera

Nope. Not looking.
I. will. not. look.
A heat-seeking kitten.

Hearts fleece PJ's

Dotty about my onesie
Dreaming of.....

Who is this infiltrator?
Are there any more of them?

A master in contorted sleeping


On original  flexi -heat mat
And under it too.

Hippo corpse

My other animal disguises 

Sphynx Cat

Can I be any more snuggled?

Sweet dreaming

Just beautiful

You didn't see me, right?

Seriously, forgot to take my tail in with me.


Welcome to the sisterhood. Prune comes home January 2018

Warm & Cosy in fleeces!

Catwalk ready in matching outfits.


Nothing nices than snuggles!

Yours in nices than mine!

Oh, so they're the same?

Sharing the sunny spot

Pru is getting too big to share one heat mat.
"Must get mum to buy us another one"!

I have control of 'the buttons'

Above, together

In early July 2018, Noodle was mated for her second time.

Is she or isn't she?

Pinking up at 3 weeks in! She is pregnant.
A few days later the vets examination confirmed 3 blobs were felt.

Grumpy Noodle. Her neck is scabby from
Prune's oversealous play.

I might be heavily pregnant but I am still queenly & regal
Week 8 of pregnancy. Just 8 days left.