Monday 30 October 2017

Purr-fect baby

Well, fancy that, my daughter has learned to purr... as she is feeding she spreads her arms wide, extending and stretching each finger and using them to push either side of the breast she is feeding on and she begins to softly purr.

It's nothing like on the scale of mine, of course; I can definitely out-purr her in terms of decibels and intensity, but she is getting there.

She is doing so well developmentally; her rate of growth is incredible... with significant weight gain and more strength in her legs and arms. Mind you, she is still like a big round hippo with her tummy constantly full so that when she topples over onto her back she looks stranded and she has to rock back over to right herself!

I'm spending more time away from her as she sleeps heavily between meals so coming out fo the nest gives me time to eat and to sun myself in all my favourite spots. I love the sunny bay window even if it isn't as hot as it was now that autumn is here.
Peaceful Sleep

I'm off out to visit the vet today. Apparently, this is for my final wound check. It's well healed actually and though there is a scar, it's not nearly as prominent now and, thankfully, considering all the attention little one has given it suckling there, it's not bothering me at all.  To prove it, I'm back to climbing and jumping about just as I was before. Ha - I've been balancing again on the top of the TV while up there I am still trying to reach the ceiling too. Yes, of course I know that I'm making my human cross in the process 😸 ,  ROFLMAO - she is so nervous to come toward me to tell me off in case I fall which might cause me to use my claws on its screen as I try to save myself or even to use the TV as a springboard surface as I power jump to make an escape  which cause the TP to topple right  over!

I know she doesn't like me doing it and that I will get into trouble for it but just I can't seem to stop myself from exploring and challenging myself walking across that narrow ledge or to finally reach that ceiling.

Another thing I do that really irritates her is to "pretend dig" on the screen. I do keep my claws in so as not to scratch it. I just kind of like the feel of it as I run my paw pads down the smooth screen. - I time it so perfectly too, digging smack-bang in the middle of a TV show she is watching 😺   😹   😺   and getting right in the way!

A few minutes later I will climb up to where she is sitting and purr. All is instantly forgiven. I try not to abuse it too much but what I can I tell ya? I do love this power.