Wednesday 1 November 2017


Almost no time at all has gone by since I looked over the side of the nest box and saw two round black pearls I wasn't expecting to see and which has me do a double take, yesterday I heard the feint sound of little Noodlet purring.

She was suckling away, with her paws all stretched out, arms straight which seems to be her favourite feeding pose, and though Noodle was also purring loudly and with gusto I felt I could pick up a new sound. I listened harder. I leaned right in stooping down my hair cascading down and engulfing them and yes, it is a purr alright.

It is quieter than her mums of course since she is so tiny. But as a purr it is not the same kind of sounds. Almost another language - or one that is being learned.  Noodle's purr rumbles.. there is a depth to it and it does not stop, as she breaths in and out. It is continuous and yet at the same time the ins are distinct from the outs. PurrrrrrrrrrUrrrrrrrrUrrrrrr

Noodlet's purr is staccato. As if it is only possible yet on the in (or out?) breath. It reminds me of a needle on a well oiled and almost silent running sewing machine purr - purr - purr - purr. I expect it will get louder and louder and I long to video record it to keep it forever!

I've noted too that she is seeing and focussing more now, and her hearing coming on as her ears open up. She is showing some interest in interacting. The playful kitten is emerging I think!

Halloween Noodlet