Tuesday 14 November 2017

Coconut Oil Massage & Bath PLUS Moving Day

What a landmark day!

My human (MH) decided to give this coconut oil massage malarky a go today and so she shut herself with me in the warm bathroom and opened a jar of 100% organic coconut oil.

Digging her fingers in it melted almost upon touch and the smell was divine... well she thought so anyway. I am reserving comment.

The massage was really quite nice but I knew a bath was coming so I was finding it hard to relax into it. It didn't feel heavy on my skin as I waited for the bath to begin.

Next, MH pulled on her exfoliating gloves. We don't use them for every bath but I'm guessing this one was to be special somehow.

Gloved and raring to go, now I was rubbed down with Johnson's baby shampoo into a smooth lather and finally, I was dunked back legs first into the water and rubbed all over to make sure every part of me was soapy and cleaned. I must confess, I don't make this easy for MH and am usually trying to find a way to leap out.

I was then lifted out and showered off with warm water and wrapped in my bath towel ready for ear and claw cleaning and lastly clipping any that had become too long.

MH was satisfied... my skin feels fine, much the same was a bath without the oil.

Meanwhile, the birth nest box we've been using has been moved out and in its place, a caged area set up allowing more room for my kitten to wonder about freely and to exercise her legs and grow stronger. The doors are open so we can wander in and out as we please so now Pot won't be confined to the box which she was unable to get out of. It's wonderful as there is space in there too for a few toys as well as my beloved heat mat, and of course a bowl of dry food for snacks. Lastly, for a bit later in her development there's space as well for a small litter tray when weaning begins.