Friday 17 November 2017

Coming when called! 5 weeks old

Little Pot is 5 weeks old today - and is developing her playful little kitten character which is so delightful to see.

I've been calling her "Pot" for a couple of weeks now as a temporary name and chose it simply because it is a play on her mum's name, Noodle). When calling  "Pot-Pots" she looks up and comes ambling over to see me. Ambling is most certainly what she does since she is still a little shaky on her legs and not sure about different surfaces she comes across under her paws.

When she is out and looking about, Mum stays close trilling sweetly to encourage her. It is sometimes in an open pose seeming to offer her belly or sometimes she is further wat and trilling encouragement. The video below shows the former in action.

I've seen little kitty testing out her larger surroundings, witnessed the beginnings of recognisable kitten behaviours such as mouthing and testing - her teeth with ever more pressure showing her gaining strength and confidence, and also engaging in play by interacting cautiously with the toys I've provided for her. It is a delight to watch her learn.

She is also keen to be held and to interact. If I put my hand down she will climb into it settling down into my cupped palm and is very accepting to touch, or she will bat and paw if a cupped palm is not offered, in her way telling me she wants that kind of attention.

Still no sign of interest in foods other than mums milk, but I've noted too that mum is also withholding food which seems now not offered on tap, Noodle pushing her away and making her wait. Is this reluctance due to pain? It doesn't appear to be since Noodle's teats look fine and not sore.. but I wonder if Pot is testing her teeth and mum is fed up with it, or if this is natures way and hunger drives the baby to try the solid food offered?