Tuesday 21 November 2017


MH (my human) was taking photos of my daughter 'Pot' last night - a task which isn't easy. For every image that is passable, around 5 are deleted. Mostly this is because the subject of the photos just doesn't don't keep still for long enough. By the time the camera has come into focus and the image saved... she will have moved. Her body might be there... sharp detail, perfect light, but at the crucial moment she'll have turned her head which in the image is fuzzy and distorted. Sometimes she thinks MH is playing and this square object must be a new toy, and she rushes forward to take a look making the image unrecognisable as the portrait it wanted to be.  Or, concentrating on my motherly duties  I will have walked across in front of the screen obscuring the view.

As subjects for a photo shoot, we are so badly behaved that some days MH is like the paparazzi clicks and flashed one after the other and rather than front page news, every shot ends up in the rubbish bin. However, last night, with no time to adjust the camera for the poor light conditions in the room this one caused a smile.... the person on the TV (watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here) seemed to be reaching right out of the screen with both hands in order to take a grab at Pot - Gotcha!