Thursday 9 November 2017

Naked Noodle

So, my human (MH) decided I'd had enough respite and that I needed to get into the bathtime routine again! 🛁🛁😖🛁🛁

Before 'Pot' came along (Pot as in Noodle, get it?) the vet had had her bathing me every third day, so I guess I've had quite a reprieve since my cesarean and so really shouldn't mind so much. And, to be fair on MH it was pretty quick - soaped, dipped and (almost) straight back out. Of course,  then I had to have my my ears cleaned, then nails wiped down those that needed it were clipped. I was getting impatient by the end of it but at least I get some treats.

Talking of clipping,  MH also clipped Pot's claws, having bought the teeniest set of clippers she could find. They looked gigantic when clipping such small and dainty looking claw tips! One wring move could have been a disaster.

Dainty those claws might look, but let me tell you, they are also like little needles as she scrabbles about all over my tummy and when she is digging them in during feeds.  Pot was pretty well behaved during it all considering she didn't know the routine....and MH was trying so hard to be gentle and not make any mistakes. I didn't make it easier either as the whole time I was getting in the way trying my best to bring Pot back to the nest. Silly really since MH was doing it for my comfort. I just couldn't seem to help myself.

Anyway, after all that, with Pot finally back in the nest her tummy was topped up and we settled ourselves in to have a little nap.

Suddenly though, all hell broke loose. Guns were going off eft, right and centre. Bombs were dropping KABOOM! And the sky was lit up in all colours. MH didn't seem to batt an eyelid and just continued watching T.V. The only sign she'd noticed was that she picked up her remote to adjusted the volume. Seriously what's with that? Surely she should be taking cover???

After a while though the battle seemed to be done. For the rest of the night there was only the occasional rally of gunfire in the distance.

The war went on for two more nights. MH says it's a tradition and it happens every year. Odd that I didn't noticed it before...... maybe I only did this year because I have to be responsible for my child...

Speaking of responsible...... look how I sheltered us in the war zone 

(my human uncovered my bottom to show how neglectful I was 🙈)