Friday 10 September 2021

Happy Days Are Here Again (whoooo hoo)

While this is the name of a track I love by The Broken Family Band (click link to listen) the reason it’s Happy Days again is of course because of this…..

Yessss!!!!! the Natures Menu is now deemed as being entirely acceptable & with a stampede of limbs racing toward the kitchen tails in the air in anticipation I didn’t even mind that it was 3am! 

There’s mixed blessings on the poop front come with this, with variations on the theme from whippy to one sighting of a completely normal log! 

The antibiotics will continue for the full 5 day course, but as the day has gone on I’ve been rounded up &  herded back toward the kitchen to partake in a day that’s been very much eat, eat repeat with the amount of food being consumed returned to the almost the 2 pouch polish off per feed. Here they were again at 7:30 am (no I hadn’t been to sleep!) 

I’m thrilled. We are back to wrestling with each other plying with a few toys and soon will be generally causing mayhem as the meat goes back onto those very lovely bones. 

Beautiful Days

Bit of background: I came across The Broken Family Band in 2009 at a music festival called Beautiful Days which is run by The Levellers and held at Ottery St Mary. Devon. The line up that year and included bands like Hawkwind, artists like Imelda May, The Peat big Fairies, and more, however the gig I saw in the Big Top by The Broken Family Band was I later discovered one of their last. The band members had matured after several years together having played Glastonbury & featured in a Channel 4 documentary along the way but with that their different lives now meant some members were ready to leave the music business. My loss as I’d like to have seen them again perhaps? 

I liked them enough that day to purchase a CD & while I’ve since purchased more my favourite remains the one bought there entitled Its All Over, which is a best of album. The track highlighted above never fails to make me smile and feel like the sun has just come out. The use of the track name Happy Days Are Here Again was not meant to lead to this, but as I wrote it and whoo-hoo came into my head, I felt an explanation of some sort might be warranted, even if only in sn attempt to prove I’m not completely barmy. Or am I?