Friday 3 September 2021

Pick me! Pick me!

Today at the cattery we were the recipients of some very special VIP guests as we had our first in person viewings. 

Covid has created huge changes for example, last year breeders physically saw no one and relied wholly upon video calls & doorstep hand overs. This year, though we still have threats to consider I hoped this year we could have restricted viewings which meant allowing only one person to come inside. Luckily today the weather was beautiful so my little patio space was able to be used meaning Dad & the children could also take part, remaining outdoors but connected through the screen that keeps cats in safely while mum, duly masked, came inside to get hands on. 

I am happy to confess that, although the viewings & reservations mark the beginning of our eventual farewells to the kittens, I very much love the happiness these cats & their kittens generate in others. While smiles are hidden behind masks, the eyes dance and the voice tells its own story of the pleasure they bring. How joyful it is to finally meet those new people, the person I’ve been emailing & messaging as we get to know one another for several weeks by exchanging photos snd updates, these amazing folk who will, by adopting a kitten we’ve raised become part of our family too. Yes today was a wonderful day!

With three blue boys, almost identical (a little size here and there, a matter of grams!) differentiates visually only by the wearing (or not) of a coloured collar. Now we see for the very first time how the dynamics happen and, today rather than the new parent picking the kitten, it was a case of the kitten making himself known, as if you say pick me! And so, it is that “No Collar Kitty” was today reserved by a beautiful little family who happen to live only about 10 miles away! He does have a name… well it’s a choice between two options so, I shall keep schtum until it has been decided! 

In other news, so much for kittens being possibly subdued after having their vaccinations! Pah! No such thing. There has been much mayhem here today with cavorting kittens running, climbing, chasing, pouncing, wrestling (complete with yells!). I’ve been a platform, a and a climbing frame and at one point while I was slouching on my bed,  even had a kitten leap from the pillows behind me onto my head. The acupuncture is a bit ouchy!!

Here’s a short video of  those “subdued” kittens having a quiet day… with sound of you want to hear those battle cries!