Saturday 11 September 2021

9 weeks old & getting bold!

 I say getting bold because these little dare devils are getting everywhere, I find them in the most unusual places. 2 were in the kitchen on my dining room table - Vincent has enjoyed shimmying up the chair backs (I daren’t look under the stretch cover at the puncture marks in the pleather) and has taken faux flowers from a vase on the table this week, but now he has a climbing buddy, both had perched themselves on top of my sewing machine, happily watching me as I toiled mopping the floor. I have a wicker basket near by and he has surprised me by clambering over and being hidden in there too! 

While climbing & exploring strange areas has been a theme (inside my rise & recline chair ) the getting down is often (Humphrey) a comical splat! He will just confidently launch himself and while I might have had my heart in my mouth at some of his dare devil ways, he’s happy to trust in the impact as he hits the laminate floor being safe. Bravo!

Loss of appetite you say? When? Who? Not us! This morning was a FOUR pouch affair & throughout the day since it’s been meals of two or three. They have some catching up to do from earlier in the week it’s true, but they’re still growing rapidly & so the food they put away is fuelling this beautifully. 

The video below was playfully filmed this evening when we were in the kitchen. (Sit back, it’s a long one this time!)