Thursday 9 September 2021


Nice comfy pillow! That’s me “chained” until he moves

Dear Humphrey- historically always first to the food, he was also along with Basil, keen to get started on the recovery food & so dear H was first with a runny tummy at half past midnight last night. Bless him, he walked backwards into it too in his attempts to cover it over, getting it squished up between his footpads and consequently it now also contained litter grit.

As he jumped out of the tray and ran off it was flicked off in little lumps! Catching him up, with all the grit, using wipes to clean would have hurt so he had a spa treatment with his feet washed off while under the running tap before being set free. 

I’m switched on high alert for who would be next as Basil had also eagerly tucked in alongside Humphrey. He went off to the litter box a couple of hours later, and I followed  so that I could pluck him out after he had performed in attempts to stop him burying it and doing the same. Not quite quick enough, Basil too received a little foot spa treatment. I was awake all night. 

Come morning there was an excellent sound as I went to the kitchen for a cuppa as 16 galloping limbs came excitedly too. So, appetites were returning it seemed!

I mixed 1 pouch of NM with some recovery food and stolid back to watch them tuck in. Grogu & Vincent still have less strong appetites than their brothers walking away having rated little but I’m pleased that they choose to eat some rather than sniffing & walking away. In later feed attempts through the day, I used a syringe to aid Grogu and Vincent. I was rewarded at 8pm when Grogu only followed me to the kitchen and meowed to demand food. I offered him the mix but he sat and looked at it. I then offered just the recovery food and he ate some. The exact same thing happened tonight with Vincent too. This food will help them bounce back, regain their body weight & get them keen to eat again. 

I do expect the diarrhoea to continue a bit with them even when I get them back in to NM only just because of the antibiotics but defo improved today I feel.

They’re all drinking lots, Basil in particular likes to experiment on each spout as the water travels down each of the water fountain’s 3 levels.  

Vincent is the climber of the group, he seems to particularly love to shimmy his way up the back of my dining chairs to sit at the top watching me (like when I’m cooking or making a much needed cuppa!)

Grogu I’ve noticed particularly over yesterday & today as I have fed him is stubborn and will voice his objection! I think he maybe learned this particular moaning from Madam Floozy who always has something to say each time I pick her up to remove her from the scene of the kittens food! 

So, while things are not perfect today, they are improved (despite poopgate)  . There’s been lots of sleep but there’s also been a return to wrestling, some (albeita more subdued than usual) exploration & play. I can feel that things are on the pathway to resettling things back to healthy normal. 

I am always in awe of animals how amazing quickly they recover or deal with pain. There’s not a whimper when giving birth, the way Noodle lay with her kittens feeding after her two C-Sections.  One of her kittens in its blindness kept trying to latch onto/suckle her stitched & puckered wound! Her tummy was scratched to heck bu those needle claws, but she allowed it. I helped by laying on hot flannels to help her engorged chest. They bounce back following an operation (like a C-Section) or neutering, tooth removal etc too soon leaping about as I’d nothing had happened. We would be swallowing pain killers, slow moving gasping & ouching as we go! . 

Veterinary recovery food is like rocket fuel. I’m so glad I asked my vet for that to be dispensed yesterday.  Deciding for them to be seen & subsequently being given antibiotic cover as well might be us both being over cautious but we are both aware that kittens this young can tip over into needing more invasive help pretty quickly. While I can treat this kind of emergency if it’s needed (the life saving magic of Manuka +15  honey and kitten milk by syringe of by tube feeding or in hydrating by administering subcutaneous fluids) the ideal care plan is not to reach that stage & is preferable for them to be able to eat & drink as normal. 

I will take a bit of poopgate to get them back on track.

By tomorrow all four will I’m sure be keen to eat regularly throughout the day & we can enter the weekend with raucous enthusiasm for mischief & play.