Saturday 17 July 2021

The weight is over!

 Hi Saturday evening people! 

Yes, the wait is over! You can’t have failed to feel the heat today! Don’t dare blink though, word is that it’s only gonna be like this for a week! Yes a week.

My advice get your factor 50 on and get out there to enjoy some sunshine in whatever way you like best! There’s not room here for “it’s too hotters” Soak up that vitamin D. Bet you had, or at least thought about having, that Brest British BBQ, right? Yeah right - I’m here to bring you a treat, in the shape of a possy of porkers. 

Yes, I’ve got another set of scales. Package eagerly opened (batteries included)  I weighed a few household staples to first assess their reliability…. Then….four little 9 day old piggies got (re) weighed.