Monday 26 July 2021

Kitty Keep!

Well not a keep but a pen….

So, the 2 packs of tiles turned out to be THE perfect size to cover the floor, however there are none over I can use to close the gaps. These pens are made for dogs and rabbits not Sphynx Kittens so I discovered last litter that they can, if they choose to, walk right on out!

The last litter, I placed 4 kittens in this same pen, on a rug, 1 kitten walking right back out again, the other three respecting its boundaries! When I set up the pen on Sunday I remembered this and that I needed to do something about ensuring this time they will stay put, at least for a couple of weeks before they learn to escape. Those weeks will be so important encompassing such lessons as lapping fluids (water/milk) from a bowl/dish, plus how to eat solids and the all important introduction to a litter tray! 

Oh, no kitten photos… sorry- here then is a cheeky pic I took by aiming my camera through the bars of the crate in the small hours of this morning…. Enjoy…