Wednesday 14 July 2021

Day 6. Video fest

I’ve made 4 short video clips this evening as I wanted to try to show each kitten a bit more fully &, importantly, in better light. Now I’ve just got to get them all uploaded & placed  here! Here’s the first.. a blue boy….. 

Each kitten was filmed at the end of a feed/toileting session. They were full to the brim & about to begin to get veeeerrryyy sleepy. I’d imagine they probably felt a bit like we do on a Christmas Day after sinking a huge Turkey dinner, then sitting with a tin of Quality Street (other chocolates are available!). That feeling when you are beginning to ask yourself whether or not you should have demolished those last 5 sweets! … we’ve all be there right?  Here’s blue boy 2……

The new kitten scales will be here tomorrow, I’ll do a few trials against the set I did their birth weights with when they’re here…. . I’m sure they won’t be too far off as the birth weights were about what I’d expect them to have been. 

As you’ll see from the clips, all babies have now lost their little dried up stump of umbilical cord. Additionally they all have their eyes open, with just one lad whose eyelid is not quite fully unsealed.  By morning they’ll be fully open & they’ll soon begin to be able to take in their surroundings. 

Their ears are able to be fully upright  but still mostly their at half mask. And remarkably small, which is nowhere how they’ll be in a few days as they begin to “grow into” the characteristics of their breed - then they’ll each be  sporting ears like like antennas ! Here’s video clip # 3…..

I’m keeping up with supplemental feeding, giving (no more than) 4 supplementation feeds throughout each 24 hour day. I constantly keep a close eye on them in case I need to do more but this far I’m delighted that nursing from “mum’s milk bar” is going on often so well & that their bellies are never ever allowed to become concave. 

Of course, they’ll manage greater quantities of meal size over the passing weeks, then we will be moved onto the introduction of solids! For now though milk is all they need to provide all necessary fluids & nutrients

Is anyone seeing anything in a kitten in the clips that draws them towards a certain one? Let me know! 

Here’s the last clip to help you decide plus a lone still image added as I mention the umbilical cord in the clip but then forget to show it. Doh!

Umbilical cord stump which had dropped away.