Saturday 10 July 2021

Day 2 Saturday July 10th

 Help, my eyes are throbbing. I’m so tired! 

It’s my 55th birthday today & I spent the night supporting Prune. She wants to keep her babies for herself, & whilst she is being kind to Floozy, Floozy is such a determined little so&so & will not stop trying to be centre stage.

I’m continuing to supplement feed, and the kittens are certainly very happy to receive milk from the Miracle Nipple (the best but ohh-so expensive!). It’s just soooo cute when they are sucking the treat so eagerly and their muscles are moving their still turned down ears back & forth. With some syringes the plunger will glide down by itself moved by the force of the vacuum. 

I’m making 20mls of milk replacer & then, pulling the entire 20mls into a syringe, then divide this evenly between each kitten. 5 ml each already is awesome l, they’re going to grow big & strong with appetites like this. 

In fact, they would happily take more but I’m not filling them right up, gently removing the teat so that they will continue to seek sustenance from their mum thus encouraging her milk flow. 

I’ve managed a couple of short videos today. Not great camera work but given that Im one handed while trying to keep Floozy from muscling in. She is absolutely relentless & determined.

Interestingly Prune grumbled at one of them earlier. I’m thinking likely in response to overzealous feeding or claw scrambling. 

I’m laying here just listening to the dolphin sounding chatter that kittens often make - honestly if you heard it you’d totally get the dolphins sound reference! It seems to be a contended conversation and I wonder if they found this pitch perfect for communicating and I wonder if they conversed this way while in the womb? It’s always before they settle.… 

I last topped them up at about 4:40pm & do I’ll give them a feed a bit later on to give them milk in their tummies so that hopefully I can get a few hours of sleep in. That’s if Prune will stay settled with them tonight rather than wanting to go in and out constantly.