Friday 9 July 2021

Day 1 so far so good

Well I’d say that it’s been eventful rather than restful today but the kittens look all contented sleeping soundly & cosy now they’ve been relocated AGAIN. I’ll tell you all about this in just a second, but first to confirm that they are all four most definitely boys! Ok … the nesting box saga… 

The lovely sturdy deep box that I’d readied for them with a half covered closed in roof has been a flipping nightmare! At first Prune was happy to remain with her litter, purring away and blissed out but then later she got the fidgets - which meant if she wanted to change position or even get out & go back in, the kittens started moving & snuffling which meant that Prune now had to try to insert herself around them somehow. I was up & down every time making sure that all kittens were at her tummy, not behind or underneath her. 

Then, Floozy could resist it no more & decided she too must be in the box to lick these new comers. I’m delighted that she is so keen to learn the art of mothering but less happy at the thought that a kitten would get squashed. I had that occur with another cat & kitten & it’s so very sad to find & lose one that way. Next, because I kept yanking Floozy out she would grasp the vet bedding on the bottom and as it lifted with her the kittens would tumble. Also then in her hurry to get back in the box was being toppled over. Poor kittens, it must feel like an earthquake! Evidently, the box idea needed to be shelved and kittens moved. 

I had already set up the smaller of my pet crates as a snug with cot bumpers around the sides for insulation and softness, and a heavy throw on top to keep it warm and draught free, so this was put into action.

First though I needed to insert one of the heat mats with its triple double layer covers, then over this I have placed the vet bed bedding they’ve been on already. There is room for them to move away from the area where the heat at is if they need to but with so many layers the heat will be very gentle. Next, in went the kittens followed by mum! Now there is more room. Floozy is in there now with them licking them away and Prune is happy to let her. Noodle has shown less interest in kittens this time, I wonder if she is maybe giving way to Floozy? She is still delivering mice! (Toy ones!) I still can’t get over this instinct to provide and to know that a mouse is what is needed. Some of these toy mice are pink with yellow tails- but recognised even so! 

Though they seem reasonably content, I’m concerned about them being well fed and established so earlier on I mixed a small amount of formula & gave each kitten about 1ml each. One of the blue boys took to it with ease but the others are less sure. I want them to keep feeding from mum, which at this stage is about every two hours day & night. 

The next job I need to do today I dislike doing but it is necessary as they are born with these long pristine white sharp needlelike claws… very soon they’ll be blackened with dried blood and poor Prune is already unhappy with the pain. I need to try to shorten & blunt them so that she & the litter mates don’t get quite so scratched up. Their instinct in their blindness is to snuffle their nose instinctively seeking & recognising the teat, but the searching and scrabbling is relentless- and why they get so scratched up. This is a big downside for the breed not having fur protection! They are so very tiny, and delicate and very very wriggly, plus they yell like hell which  activates mummy to worry. I really wish she knew I was helping!  

As I write, having licked for a good 30 minutes, Floozy is asleep with Prune & the kittens! Anyway, here’s the new location with Aunty Floozy (constantly) helping out & lastly with wonderful Mum!