Friday 30 July 2021


 Busy day today with a few bits n bobs, one job involving a trip to the vet, which was purposeful in that I needed medication for Madam Floozy. 

While there, I booked Prune & her kittens in for ….

  • Prune - annual booster (Noodle will be having hers on Tuesday) and 
  • kittens for their first vaccination & microchip appointment (2nd September) 
  • & 2nd vaccines (30th September)
These are important dates because the first vaccines (usually) allow the opening up of viewings & the second vaccine appointment at 12 weeks marks the date when kittens should be ready to go on to their new homes.

While it’s not written in stone that in person viewings will be offered at NSCH in 2021, it is preferred, so I’m hoping that it will be possible - even if it must be limited to one person only from any new family coming into our home to meet them. 

The microchip administration creates a small puncture would so, I’ve decided this time to have these implanted during the 8 week point so that they can be fully & well healed before kittens go off to their new homes. This allows me the peace of mind that the wound is not brand new when the kittens leave. However, if the vet when they examine the boys on September 2nd decides they’d prefer them to have achieved the extra size they will be at 12 weeks then I will opt to wait for them to be implanted during the second vaccines appointment. I’ve never had a kitten have a wound get infected, but I’d rather there was no chance for that to happen by having it done while they’re still “on my watch”. It reminds me actually of the time I had my very first litter at a breeder implanted. This was in fact a single kitten litter, and I’d a lovely lovely vet then named Phil. I was the only Sphynx pet parent at that practice & I remember Phil felt nervous of implanting the chip into the Sphynx kitten at 8 weeks. When we spoke about it after the deed was done (he opted for doing it at 12 weeks!) that he said there is actually little real difference except that the fur coat worn by other kitten breeds/non breeds makes them feel very different in the hands of the practitioner than a no coat kitty dies making them feel more fragile or somehow less robust. I loved the vulnerability and care that deal Phil revealed in himself as a veterinarian that day. He left that practice some while later and sadly, I don’t know where he went, but wherever he is in practice I know the animals in his care receive absolute top quality & heartfelt care. 

Back to the present…. Because the client (me) cannot now go into the room with their pets to see the vet, I spent time with the reception team today opening each lad an individual health record naming each kitten (clears throat) Kitten 1, Kitten 2, Kitten 3 and, yes Kitten 4 . This setting up will simplify things on the day so that their health records can be easily filled out. 

Before the vaccine or implant is given, each kitten receives a full health check, eyes, wards, mouth, heart, lungs, limbs, tummy, weight, temperature etc. The vaccine will only ever be given if the vet is completely happy with the health of the kitten. Similarly the microchip will not be administered if there is any concern noted. I’d always rather wait than rush them, (even the vet!) .

Just as we head into the weekend…. Because they’re all 21 days today I took some rather cute video footage  - which while I k is that I sound like a totally batty crazy cat lady, does show you that those cheeky little monkeys are starting to become bossy little personalities in their own right, demanding g food from the doorway indeed! Enjoy…🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾