Monday 12 July 2021

Day 3, a restful Sunday

What lovely boys these are. Here they are in footage taken during the Euro 2020 final coverage on TV.

As I supplement feed them I’m able to get a few moments close up with them & marvel that, though very tiny, they have such different faces. I’ll no doubt get to recognise them one from the other as we get better aquatinted & their little individual personalities make themselves known. 

All 4 are very accepting of the Miracle Nipple and I’ve continued today, as yesterday by feeding each kitten. I am giving each one 5ml of Royal Canin kitten milk replacer at each feed opportunity. The feeding guide says in the first week each feed should be 1-4ml & given 7 x daily (which works out to every 3 hours & 40 minutes), but I’m not their soul food source & the kittens are feeding from mum on and off throughout the day & night.  When allowing them a fill of 5ml each time, and they definitely would take more, I’m being careful to stop so to leave them wanting more. As I put them back with their mothers they’ll continue to make demands on her milk supply before nodding off milk-drunk. They then settle like contented little kittens with their round ball-like full tummies. 

I’ll weigh them tomorrow & will keep an eye on their bellies to make sure that they are always getting a good fill of mother’s milk & be ready to step up the quota I give as & when they need it. 

Prune is much more settled now that I’m keeping her closed in and, consequently Floozy out. The little monkey is just as relentless and will cunningly try to creep in while I’m taking kittens in & out to feed them Mind you, she’s just started to cotton on that by staying out and “helping” me rather than Prune she can also surreptitiously lick the kittens at the head as I feed and that since my hands are so occupied she might even benefit from an occasional cheeky taste of the milk too. She gets right in the way though ! 

I caught up on lost sleep today (finally) but it’s now 5:51 am & I’m still awake listening to suckling and snuffling with my alarm set for 8am. This is because this week & next I’m going to help by acting as chauffeur to collect & drop my grandson off at his nursery and return his heavily pregnant mum home to get on with the work day. She’s about to do the last 4 days before beginning her maternity leave, something she never got to last time since H came early. 

I reckon this baby will come early too, but for now with COVID numbers rising it’s important to protect them as much as is possible without H missing out on Nursety and childminding, since he has missed so much education & social time throughout lockdowns while his mum worked from home while attempting to mother him! 

I took a couple of videos today as well as uploading the birthing footage to my You Tube Channel.

My current YouTube Channel is  “Sphynx Cat Cam” though I have another with Pregnancy & kitten footage under Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire too.

The footage I’m taking is still unfortunately not able to be well lit or set up due to the placement of the crate/nest and the coverings over it to keep them snug. It’s also awkward and moves a bit as I try not to let Floozy get in or block the view, but hopefully my efforts do at least allow you early viewers to see & enjoy the tiny little chaps for a few moments! Videos will get much better as they get bigger & stronger & don’t need the amount of protection they currently do. 

It’s now the beginning of day 4 - I’ll be back later with their weights & today’s storytelling! Thank you for spending time with us, don’t forget to contact me if you’d like to ask questions or have interest in these kittens!