Friday 3 June 2022

Worth the Weight!

Happy Jubilee Friday! 

After 3 full days of feeding her babies without any kind of supplemental support assistance from me each time I’ve checked upon the kittens (frequently) they have had very full tummies.  I’ve just taken their latest weights & am thrilled that every single kitten is now over the 200g mark: 

Black Female: 208g   Blue F 201g

Blue M’s   218g   &   208g 

They are stronger by the day & exercising their bodies as they begin to explore more. I’ve noticed Prune is more inclined to have a little “me time” though she is never far away and returns swiftly with a soft reassuring new to let them know she is there. However, each time she settles with them the kittens want to latch on & I think she is needing a little break, perhaps feeling some discomfort from the almost constant assault on her tears since there are always favoured positions. 

I watched a fabulous short video on Instagram this week where a back a Sphynx mother was laying flat on her back, legs akimbo with kittens latched on from both sides at once . I thought this a super solution and wondered why this is not a position that is used more often. Maybe because m the usual side laying crescent shape into which kittens gather is residual instinct since in the wild this poison shields & protects mum snd her exposed abdomen… maybe too this position is a way to attempt to shield a couple of the teats hiding them more beneath this giving them a welcome break! Only joking, when you see how they insistently butt and burrow in order to seek out the teats you’ll appreciate that unless she lays like the Egyptian Sphinx tummy to the floor (which she will do in the weeks to come after they have weaned to meat), her underside is getting no such rest! 

This video taken today (June 3rd 2022) does actually demonstrate a bit that head butting and digging as well as the many needle like claws that rhythmically knead pricking at her soft underbelly skin. Note to self that I may need to perform another miniature manicure again!