Sunday 12 June 2022

Preparations & meetings

Time is marching on so fast. While it might appear from the “samey” photos that not a lot changes, I can see the advancement these little critters are making. With that in mind I’ve been getting my head ready for big changes because very soon there’s gonna be a need for food that is more substantial (though Prune’s milk is still tops!). 

In fact, I’m so adoring of Prune for the awesome job she is doing in milk production particularly after her start where she seemed so agitated by their early inability to acquire milk. Thankfully once I’d taken the weight off her by supplying formula milk to them from the evening of their arrival & kept that going a few days, she found her stride  & has been been keeping those round tummies well filled ever since. And I could not be more pleased - its the first time over her now three litters that I have been able to stop giving any formula to any kitten at all. 

Of course I keep a close eye on them & her, ready to help out if she needs it. For now though I’m delighted that she’s absolutely smashing it. Yay Pru!!

Beginning to explore, to be awake, craning necks - alert to my passing by at which point they yell to ask for attention, the kittens are beginning to engage in curious play. Physically they’re progressing & will  get their1st teeth through soon. Oh boy they are sharp little needle-like daggers of pain when they test them out. Poor Prune, I know they’ll be rather brutal on her mummy parts! When this happens most definitely she’ll want to begin weaning. Odd though it might sound, she and Noodle at this point begin to bring toy mice to the den meowing loudly that diner is ready. In fact one of their mice has been dropped off by Noodle a week or so ago. She too is a prepper! 

Prep is key now since the rollercoaster ride of change coming once solids are introduced is unstoppable. They may not get to eat toy mice - though every year I love the instinctual daily effort, particularly as my girls have never seen a mouse in their lives yet somehow know that a toy resembling one is the natural food that their babies require. It’s the effort that counts and it’s preferable to them bringing a tin opener into the bedroom I guess! 

The first big delivery of solid food is due to arrive here tomorrow -  ready to go when the time comes. When it does massive change occurs - for us all! Yikes! 

It’s sad to begin to leave milk behind but will be emotionally easier for me this year since I’ve not developed the usual bottle feeding this time round. Weaning is very much the first major step toward the rest of their lives as individuals! I’ll talk about this another day, for now I’m gonna get every last drop of cute from these teeny-tiny teacup sized Sphynx cats!  

Meanwhile, there was another really big event here on Saturday afternoon. This was when I met (by video call) a very lovely lady, Sarah,  the mum of a family into which one of the lucky kitten crew are destined to go. I love meeting our new families beginning to form these incredible new relationships  & their growing excitement as they prepare for a Sphynx- particularly when it’s a first one! Best of all was getting to show Sarah the kittens live in real time!  I’m pleased to say they all behaved themselves, not minding too much my interrupting their slumber for a quick “show n tell”.  Unfortunately during the call we experienced a few connection issues/freezings but all in all it was a rather wonderful first get together. I so enjoy this spreading of kitten love. We are now hoping to have another video call in a couple of weekend’s time. After which we will be on a roller coaster hurtling head first toward those 8 week in person viewings. Yep, as I said, 

Have a great week! exciting times are ahead!