Sunday 5 June 2022

Day 14 Update


I note as I watch this video back how much there is to see in this short video. You see a mother cat who is intent upon gaining every calorie she can - she is cleaning them up ferociously because I’ve just been offering them formula - which they didn’t require because they are so full. You also see in the video that despite refusing my milk offering & being full that the kittens still continue to harass her teats - and as they do there are different stories going on. At one stage as she is still cleaning, at the same time in reaction to inquest from another kitten she is awkwardly positioned with her leg opened to give that access. Multitasking, she is aware and rearing to their needs. But having finished cleaning as the onslaught continues she lies down again but now she uses her back leg to push them clear and try to guard her tummy - though not for long as she realises it’s futile. 

I’m sure now that this onslaught is why she was so unsettled during last night. At one point bringing a single kitten up onto my bed (I put it back!). I assumed that she might be struggling to produce enough milk and her mewing (so rare) was her asking me to step in. And I think this is true she does want my help but not because she is lacking milk but more that she is overwhelmed by their continuous desire for it. She might be a little sore. Their claws are sharp and their constant suckling and kneading of her soft abdomen will be having an effect for sure. They’ll be using her as a teether too with their first teeth getting ready to emerge fairly soon. Even do, their gum line is hard and the pressure and friction will be affecting her comfort. Certainly she is taking more breaks away from them now - to get peace often choosing to take a little “me time” to snooze for longer but still not far away. She might have a drink, visit the loo, a quick burst on the running wheel to stretch and use her muscles and limbs having been on her sides for such long periods. 

The kittens are superb. Strong and healthy with increasing weights. Tonight’s weights are;

Black F 217g, Blue F 220g. Blue M’s 226g & 245g 

I watch them sleep, dream & stretch their limbs testing them regularly. They are at this stage still very much babies. They can move around but it’s more dragging/crawling and their motivation for moving anywhere is in getting to mum or finding somewhere in her absence that they might want to snuggle up. I sometimes lift a blanket to do a head count and find a pile of kittens laying at all angles absolutely zonked to the world. Bliss. 

I also watch them when everything is still and quiet. In the video below, taken in the dead of night June 4th into 5th shows Prune soundly sleeping and yet this kitten onslaught goes on still. The quality is not great. I zoomed in rather than move so as not to disturb them at all.. but as you watch the kittens have mounted themselves high up on their quest for a tear to be plugged into…thankfully though badly aimed there is some eventual success…..