Sunday 26 June 2022

Continuing & marked changes

The kittens are now really excited to see my coming with their food & are all managing a decent amount at each feed time. And the good news is that as of last night Mr Stubborn decided that he liked the food the others have after all which is helpful. 

As predicted the rocket fuel of solids creates huge change with more growth & more energy so there’s now much more awake & play time happening . It’s so lovely to see, especially so when they don’t even know I’m there! 

Litter tray usage is no problem to them & each has been self grooming after eating (if mum will let them!).

I’ve also installed a water fountain which the adults have been drinking from showing them what to do. Of course they have investigated as the sight & sound of the water is too irresistible. Paws in water & shaking of wet paws is funny! However Mum & Aunty Noo have been testing the water in there so they’ll copy that when they’re ready. Once free they’ll have access to bowls of water too so will know how to drink from both running as well as still water making it easier to adapt when they go off to their new families. 

Going forward, their routine will be regular feeding with the amount of food they require increasing daily. As they grow, they’ll soon work out how & be strong enough to get themselves out of the pen enclosure - at which point I will take it down just leaving their den up at least while they continue to want to use it. What I find happening is that once they’re free they want to follow mum & Aunty Noodle  & quickly learn how to scramble up onto and down from my bed thus sleeping in a big kitten & cat puddle which leaves me to fit in around them somehow. At this point the den most likely will be abandoned. 

Bringing kittens up underfoot like this is not how every breeder chooses to go about things I know. Most have “kitten rooms” where they’re born & once weaned the mother is removed. The kittens now grow up confined in this room which is of course the room is filled with lot of fun things to do, but the door is closed & they’re not living as part of a household & that feels wrong to me, when they are going to be pets who will live as part of a household. Of course it might be the choice of their future families to keep their kitten/cat out of their bedroom & indeed their beds (the Sphynx will definitely want to sleep in with you!) and thats very much a personal choice. As long as the kitten/cat has somewhere warm enough to sleep if they’re separated from you over night. My choice has always been that my cats are my family & I especially love the closeness these cats need . I have provided them with heat mats on top of my bed which means that they don’t want to climb inside with me. Because this feeling of family with my cats extends to their kittens too, for me, bringing them up in the manner I do feels right. Mind you,  I do have to get used to being walked over regularly during the night or even becoming an early morning play area! Bless them!