Thursday 2 June 2022


Whether I’m watching TV, knitting (another baby dress for my granddaughter) or anything else all the while I’m more & more aware these last couple of days of Prune’s almost constant communication with her offspring. It’s such a beautiful chatter of chirruping and warbles. They are in short bursts, like a murder & are reasonably high in pitch.  I wish I knew what she was saying but I think they are reassurances or encouragement since historically she makes this same wittering warbling chit chat sound a bit later when she wants her kittens to begin leaving the nest to explore & start gaining muscle strength & building stamina. 

When she leaves the den, and if the kittens then begin to squeak (where’s the milk? Where’s the milk ? They cry!) as she approaches she warbles the same voice to (I’m here children, don’t fret!) . It’s just so so lovely hearing it all. 

I’ve included here one of 2 delicious snaps I took of Noodle at about 4am today while she was in a very deep sleep. I wanted to honour her because when Pru took some time out yesterday evening to partake of a child-free & peaceful snooze on the heat mat on my bed under a blanket, Noodle who is usually there too had quietly vanished…bless her heart she had taken over childminding, keeping the kittens warm & in company (though there was no chatting!) . I love my ladies so so much & am frequently in awe of their communal kindness (they can squabble too btw!) .

Must do a new weigh in tomorrow as Prune is handling all feeding herself since Tuesday evening so 48 hours. Tummies are very well filled each time I check & there is no crying for food. As you see in the photo of them all there’s no problem with being plugged in. I so love the hands up pose there and the almost human looking fingers, Happy Jubilee Bank Holiday everyone!