Monday 5 August 2019

Weaning & litter tray use....

Well, as you can imagine, while I’ve not had time to post, things have been changing daily here at Kitten Towers (😂).

I’ve had to shuffle a few things around and move them into a new territory. The crate I usually use I decided was too small to allow them room to play and grow strong so I got out my soft play pen and placed this in my lounge where it fills the floor. Inside the pen is a food station for them and for mum so they can watch what she does, a sleeping and a playing area and a place for the litter tray.

Weaning is slow slow progress, despite my efforts over the last 6 days, they show zero interest in moving on to lap milk from a dish or to eat anything resembling food. I have however seen one of the black girls using the litter tray and so they are learning to be independent of mum.

I’m not happy with the new set up with them easily scaling the netting panels when they see me coming with their milk rations, nor Pru jumping onto the netting roof so that it all collapses in on them, so I have ordered a new metal play pen which arrives tomorrow. It doesn’t however have a floor like this fabric one does, but I’m sure I can find some way to manage until they are all using the tray.

Meanwhile I will continue to make up the solid food “gruel” and offer it everyday hoping that eventually they will decide it tastes nice!

As you can see in this photo Prune has no respect of a roof at all!