Tuesday 20 August 2019

First trip out... visit to Mark our lovely vet

I decided that the kittens needed a little extra professional advice today and took them all to the vet, their first trip out of the house and ride in the car.

Herding them all into the carrier was fun, but with a warm snuggle safe and heat reflective bedding they were not getting a chill anytime soon. There was some meowing as I drove, I decided to believe though that they were singing along to the radio (Heart FM).

Walking from the car to the vet, and indeed in the vets office, I was halted several times as people noticed my little travellers and wanted to look. I allowed looking through the mesh or when I was waiting to the one I was holding, but defo no touching. Twice, I was asked were they Persian? These were so obviously not cat people as the Sphynx couldn’t be further from being a long haired snotty nosed Persian if they tried! I was polite of course, I’m proud to show folk these amazing cats, whether adult sized or a crowd of mini’s.

The reason I decided to go is because I’d been having problems with two kitties with loose motions and, worrying of it spreading, I wanted to get them checked out in case of an infection. Mark agreed that due to the two sessions of Panacur they have had that any infestation is unlikely and that he felt it was food related, possibly the introduction of the Orijen kibble proving too much for some (though they love it!). I left with a prescription with advice to give it to all kittens, which is a pro-biotic which includes good old fashioned kaolin.

Kittens were all good weights of between 620-680g. He listened to hearts and lungs and was happy with them. All were added to the system ahead of their first phase vaccination injections next week. I will ask that the microchipping is done at this first session so that I am certain all wounds are well healed before they leave, which they may not be if they leave very soon after the second phase injections 4 weeks after the first ones. They have come a long way in the 7 weeks since their births that’s for sure. All kittens use the litter tray, all have great appetites and I regularly see them drinking water from a bowl. I have for now disabled the water fountain as I want to introduce a ceramic rather than plastic one and haven’t decided on the one I will buy yet.

The drive home was loud, with lots of urgent mewing. They must be getting hungry again! On getting home though I noted my passenger car seat had a wet patch. Someone had obviously been yelling that they were in dire need of a litter tray, bless.

One bowl each, but look, someone has their eyes on the dish to their left! Have you got more?

 But, yours looks better than mine!

Lane changers eat better together 

 Well, this one dish each isn’t working out so well!