Saturday 17 August 2019

Calling all budding models

Not quite a ‘cat walk’ show for fashionista’s, I’d asked a dear friend of mine if she would mind visiting to help me with a mini photo shoot.

Taking decent photos of kittens is not easy at the best of times, they do have a habit of moving just when you’ve framed the perfect shot. Adding to my problems, my home has large oak trees around it and does t get its best light late afternoon and that is weather dependent of course. We had to rely upon artificial light, and entertaining the kittens into a pose that showed them at their best.

Although I have a lovely digital camera, I decided, that my iPhone camera would suffice and so we set to work, taking each kitten in turn into a room where we had set up our ‘studio’ (the kitchen!).

Many shots were deleted, there were several shots where just a belly or back only appeared as a kitten decided suddenly to take off as the camera delayed the shot as it focussed.... some shots have been great if only they were not blurry because at the precise moment of capture their attention had moved elsewhere, and consequently so had they.

Each kitten we took from their play time rough and tumble into our  ‘the studio’ (except the boy, who we wrenched from sleep). Each little kitty behaved so differently as Sarah tried to get them to stay in place & adopt the perfect pose while at the same time she tried to keep the toys she was using to distract them out of shot & not to create shadow. It was a lot to ask. Even with two of us, 4 hands were not really enough. For the final sequence we wanted to have both of the black girls together, these images were the least successful since, as you can imagine,  just when one kitten was perfectly poised the other would suddenly lurch out of the shot or move it’s head. Aaarrgghhhh!

At the end, we had managed a few questionably ‘serviceable’ photos ... some better than others however disappointingly, none are dynamite nor do they thrill me as I’d hoped to have achieved. Poor light in my home is the biggest culprit of all and even clever photo editing cannot correct this.

I will be uploading a couple of pics of each kitten on separate posts (because this silly website keeps moving them from where I am placing them (using iPad))

Anyone for tennis? 🎾