Saturday 31 August 2019

Karma & Lux

I’m so happy today to have met another delightful couple Louis & Charlotte from Bristol both with enormous big soft hearts & who I’m delighted have chosen to become the new parents to not one, but TWO Naked Sphynx Cat Hampshire kittens.

Prunes blue daughter is now named Karma & one of the black sisters bears the monicker Lux (Latin for light - a clever play on words being as she is black).

We have a lovely play time together, then the two kittens chosen were even gave baths, with ear and claw cleaning practice. This made Karma so sleepy that curled up in her bed, she didn’t even notice that her siblings were tucking into their pouches in the kitchen. Luckily she didn’t mind being woken up for that!

As we said our farewells for a couple more weeks, I truly felt that rather than losing two kittens I’m very fond of, instead I’ve gained a new extension to my NSCH family to cherish, with promises that I will not be short of emails and photos of the sisters as time goes on.

Breeding these cats I adore with my whole heart is a vocation of abundant love. It’s not easy, I’ve learned that on one end of the scale there is risk, heartache and huge expense, often unexpected, but at the other end is the privilege of trust given to me by the mother cat, as she carries her developing embryos to birth, then allows me to be her birthing partner, and/or to be her nurse as might be needed in the first days. The wonder of watching her bring these beautiful new lives into the world & holding my breath as I wait for them to take theirs and the relief of hearing their first mew. The sleepless nights, a mixture of wonder and terrible anxiety at each different stage, from supplementary feeding to weaning and litter training to becoming playmate and caregiver as I watch each personality develop and finally when they begin the next part which are all of their futures. I’m truly blessed & I thank my lucky stars that somehow the right new families do find their way to my door.

There were lots of photos taken today, but Louis & Charlotte has a long journey to travel back so may not have sight of them for a while, but will share when I can.

Tomorrow I am excited to be meeting the final new family who are coming to view their kitten, that story is for tomorrow, today belongs to Charlotte & Louis, new parents to Karma & Lux.❤️🐾🐾❤️