Tuesday 27 August 2019

First vaccinations & Microchips

A big day for these beautiful kittens today as they received their first vaccinations (* minus the leukaemia element) & their microchips.

Each kitten in turn was weighed & their heart and lungs listened to by Mark our lovely vet. With all being pronounced healthy with weight gains of approximately 200g each, Mark said that they are exceptional kittens. While I think this, it’s always good to have this remarked upon by a qualified professional.

After each was examined they first received their jabs, followed swiftly by the larger needled microchip injector. One of the black ladies yelled loudly, the other and the blue boy whimpered just a bit while the blue girl remained utterly and absolutely silent. There was a tiny amount on bleeding afterwards quickly stemmed by a cuddle from me as I applied compression with a cottonwool swab.

All chips now in place they were test scanned and then the required paperwork completed with each kitten’s chip being registered to me**.

We returned home, this time my car seat remained dry, and upon being let out safely back indoors, each kitten went to the litter box. I’m so pleased that they were able to wait this time, and proud of them.

As each emerged from the carrier Prune was there to great them, I love hearing her mum song, and seeing her care for them. Next was feeding, with 4 pouches quickly demolished, more litter tray trips, a play and now they are sleeping soundly.

* the reason that I ask the vet to omit the leukaemia element is due to there being some suggestion that cats receiving this medicine can develop a sarcoma at the injection site. I discussed this with Mark today and he said that most cats affected are in America, where a different vaccine is used, there were very few cases and it cannot be proven that the vaccine is responsible. I err on the side of caution in this early time.

The new family’s of the kittens, can if they wish to ask their vet to give the leukaemia element as a single vaccine at any time. Or simply have it included in the annual vaccination booster.

** New family’s must undertake to have their details registered to the appropriate microchip after they have taken them home at 12+ weeks.

Off to the vet!

Mum welcomes us home again.