Wednesday 21 August 2019

By Jove, it’s worked

After just over 24 hours on the medication we have proper 💩 from all four kittens. I will soon be able to allow them full freedom - which will mean one thing, lots of early morning wake up calls as 16 tiny cold paws climb all over me to let me know they want food NOW!

Actually, while my dear little boy follows me everywhere, wanting me if I’m in the kitchen to pick him up for a cuddle, he is therefore always first to the kitchen when it’s me that rings the dinner bell, however when it’s the kittens who ring it, it is one of the black ladies who lets me know - in no uncertain terms - that she needs sustenance! And I should make it snappy. Then her siblings join her and are climbing up my legs in their frustration that it takes me a minute to open pouches and mash it up, adding their medicine as necessary (2 feeds per day are medicated at the moment)

I’m putting down 2 full pouches at every meal. They have 4 (or sometimes even 5) meals day. This works out in one day as 2 (+ 1/2) pouches each - which is wonderful. Having withdrawn the Orijen for a few days while I waited for tummies to resettle, I will begin reintroducing it slowly, a few ‘biscuits’ at a time in a couple of days time. They love it I know that, but perhaps it was too rich so soon into the weaning process. Funny that only 2 kittens struggled, but that’s just the way it is sometimes with little baby cats as their tummies learn to cope with solid food.

(photos not well focussed I know!)