Thursday 29 August 2019

8 weeks of age & a viewing

Yesterday, Wednesday morning was the 8 week anniversary of the births of Prune’s kittens & it’s so lovely watching these little personalities behaving exactly as ‘text-book’ kittens do, and indeed seeing my adult cats remember what it is to be a kitten & playing hide & seek.

My curtains are still safe at least!

The eighth week not only brings the kittens the first part of their vaccinations (which they had on Tuesday) but also our first viewing visitors.

This evening we were delighted to welcome a most delightful father and daughter team to our home. Dad, Maurice and young Ella came inside to be greeted first by Pru and then by Aunty Noo(dle) & the “wrecking crew”. Thankfully all little ones had all paid their visits to their litter boxes about ½ an hour before our guests arrived, and, as I’d held up their evening meal a while they were nicely wide awake rather than in a food-induced soporific doze of epic proportions.

Ella & Maurice seemed to enjoy seeing the 2 adult and 4 kittens all interacting while the three of us chose to sit on the floor (I do have a sofa, perhaps I forgot to mention that!☺️) . While it was the kittens who were really the focus of our attention, true to form Princess Noodle chose to swipe two bottles of anti-bac handwash off of my desk in order to re-gain the attention she believes is rightly hers! She is a spoilt brat, she did her usual nibbling which she thinks let’s people know that she requires firm stroking (how?) She was quite the stroppy pants this evening in fact yelling as if hurt when she given a cuddle. Obviously that was not on her agenda. How embarrassing!

Thankfully Prunella Prudence can be relied upon to charm, with her beguiling beauty and push-button purring. She is so slim again, regaining her sleek silhouette like all unspayed female’s do.

And need I say it, but the kittens were simply divine - their Buddha bellies wobbling as they waddled along, tails up to follow me to the kitchen where they sang like ardent Christmas carollers telling me just exactly how hungry they were and how many days it had been since last a morsel has passed their lips!  The little darlings, unused to being fed elsewhere, were confused to be asked to eat in another room where their visitors could enjoy watching them, but once I’d scooped them all up and deposited them in front of the dishes they soon tucked in, with Pru & Noodle, watching on and who hardly needed an invitation to swoop in to finish any left-overs (there was some tonight too!).

Lucky little boy blue has been chosen by this wonderful family, but has yet to be given a name. His next chapters are theirs to write & I shall miss him very much when he goes. I shall savour these last 4 weeks with him!

We now look forwards again, to the weekend when more prospective new families come for their viewings so here’s hoping that his sisters will all secure safe new homes where love abounds.