Saturday 24 August 2019

Time with mum & trying it on

As the kittens continue to wolf down the meat, Prune has no milk left to offer however, this isn’t enough to stop a certain young lady from ‘chancing her arm’ at every opportunity she gets to suckle at mums breast. At this stage of course, it’s a comfort thing rather than food seeking, but with sharp pointed teeth inside little mouths I can see Prune is caught up in a bit of a dilemma. She is driven to be a good mum & to give the kittens what they demand of her, while at the same time she wants to protect herself from those overzealous teeth! The way I know her expressions I can see this decision playing out on her face as she considers what to do. Bless her heart.

Speaking of food; the smell of all that meat wafting about so regularly at feedings brings Mummy Pru and Aunty ‘Noo’ to the kitchen..... Like circling sharks they will dive in at times grabbing a mouthful when they think I’m not watching.  With one eye on me, the other is carefully trained on the progress of the ongoing feed, they wait impatiently for the kittens to have had their fill. Each adult will then take a bowl to make quite sure they are properly cleaned, before moving on to the kittens faces to do the same!