Sunday 1 September 2019

Elvira Mistress of the Dark

The final viewing appointment was today, and we were delighted at midday to welcome Ley with her sons Zebb & Kallum to our little home and to meet and greet  my cats & most importantly Prune’s kittens.

From the outset, Ley (pronounced Lay) had wanted to have one of the black females & had even chosen her name, Elvira ( or Elvi for short) so it was really just a case of which girl appealed most when she finally got to meet them.

Over the last couple of weeks Ley & I have exchanged many emails, photos & videos as we quickly became firm friends finding we have so much in common. Photos of the two black girls together hoping to help her in her choice during this time were hard to achieve since, just as one was in the right position, the other was looking down or had exited stage left! Each photo or video I know was poured over down in Plymouth as Ley & her young men began to form a preference for one girl over the other. However, though I knew which one was looking more like THE ONE for them, you can never know until you meet the kittens & so having offered Ley first choice on the black girls, I did not say which black girl yesterday’s couple had preferred, because I did not wish to influence choices.

Coffee made, biscuits offered, toys were found & everyone was more than happy to engage in play as we chatted. Ley already has an adult male Sphynx named Ash & a moggy named Shady, but recently had had to say a devastating farewell to her shadow & constant companion, a Sphynx lady named Floozy. The whole family, cats included, are missing her big personality & felt like now would be a good time to adopt a new family member, particularly as Ash was pining for Floozy, missing the grooming tasks he was so diligent at performing for her.

The decision of which kitten they liked best was solidified & so Elvira will be joining her new family on the last weekend of September.

All kittens will be leaving us on the same weekend, as each new family wants to collect over that weekend, it will be an exodus. I currently have 6 lovely Sphynx running a-mock here, but that weekend 4 of them will depart - I imagine tumble weed & the sound of wind!

I will cry when I wave them away & close the door, but they will be happy tears knowing they are all going on to have really good lives full of love & that each one of them will change the lives of their new families as the Sphynx cat just does. I’m not losing them, instead I gain new connections, each family now a valued part of our Naked Sphynx Cat clan.

So we have Elvira, black female, Karma, blue female, Lux, black female & the blue boy has yet to be named!