Sunday 29 September 2019

Farewell to King Louis

Oh my days. Isn’t there some sort of golden rule for a breeder not to become attached to their kittens?

Are we even allowed to have ‘favourites’?

Ah, well, I’ve never been one to follow aimlessly - especially where I feel at odds with a common path.

I make no apology; when it comes to my cats & kittens I do not hold back. I’m 100% invested.
I would be doing my cats (& their kittens) an awful injustice if I were to hold anything back in resources or in emotion. To my mind a breeder should always be giving wholeheartedly & care deeply for their kittens in order that they grow up to be utterly ready to be well-mannered and adjusted pets for their families?

If you know me, you’ll know my cats are my world, you may even know me well enough to know something of the personal journey I’ve been on and the part the Sphynx cat has played in this.

You won’t know how difficult it’s been for me to breed, how many obstacles nor the enormous cost (in every sense).

If you’ve been reading this blog over recent weeks you’ll know the progress of this litter from their births to now when they begin to set of on their own new paths....

Louis is the second or this litter to leave and, undoubtedly he has presented some challenges.

I hand-reared this little guy, my first ever viable male kitten, I’ve had extended contact with this kitten witnessing up close his keen determination to fill his tummy with the milk I delivered from day 4. Soon, he would gratefully burst into endless staccato sewing-machine purring, the incredible, addictive sound only neonates make which he would launch into with just my touch or nearness. This generous purring though now more recognisable as a cat’s purr has continued unabated by the fact that he had progressed to solid feeding and no longer needed me in the same way.

That purring turned out to be a huge feature of the terrible night I found dear Louis comatose on the floor, unable even to lift a paw, or to meow,  nor to suck let alone or swallow milk in order to save himself. With the sound of my heart literally thundering in my ears, I emergency tube fed him. My unbelievable & joyous relief of hearing him 10 minutes or so later purr as he still lay weak and floppy across my chest. I loved hearing it, but wanted him to put his energy into feeling well again. He decided instead to let me know he was happy to be with me. It was music I will never forget.

Of course, everyone responds well to affection and here I can safely say that Louis’ has been abundant, unstinting & given with utter loyalty. Having delivered my heart beating wildly into his almost lifeless paws that night, I found myself not only unable, but unwilling to lift it back out.

Louis has departed today. He has taken his first steps into his new, charmed and well-blessed life where he will, when settled, begin to gift his new family all of his very generous affection. Meanwhile Maurice, his wife, daughter Ella & son Tim will be his willing subjects when he demands play, love food.

It’s not a goodbye, but is a beginning & I wish Louis & his family a wonderful time.