Saturday 28 September 2019

So long Elvira

The first departure happened today. We said a tearful (for me) farewell to Elvira as her happy new mum Ley, accompanied by her human big bro Zebb waved as they took her to her on her way to her new home in Plymouth.

The traffic was a little unkind and so the arrival time was stretched just a little, but we were soon able to reacquaint ourselves, sit and chat, as well as perform the necessary official hand-over elements: contracts, hand over of vaccination card, microchip details and it’s transfer code, 5 weeks of inclusive insurance and the gifting of the bag of kitten pack goodies before finally, it was time to kiss little Elvira and wish her bon voyage as she headed off to what is certain to be a wonderful new life.

She has a big brother Sphynx by the name of Ash & a black and white furry brother named Shady to meet & settle down with, all of which will I’m sure be smoothed in minimal time by having soothing help from new mum Ley and her 2 human big brothers Zebb & Kallum.

We miss you already Elvi xxx