Monday 2 September 2019

Little Boy Blue becomes......

Today, I received a lovely email from the Eilec family who have reserved our dear little lad to let me know a name had been chosen & I must say, I think it really suits him.

He is now Louis. He will be the king of all he surveys no doubt about it.

So, the four babies now have their future names as chosen by their families - all extraordinary choices that work well for each of the personalities. For me, it’s lovely thinking about them as named individuals, rather than referring to each by its colour and sex (& a number) as we have been doing now for 8 weeks.

We’ve just completed the last feed of the day with the doting mum on hand to clean up sticky faces... well,  that’s what she would have you believe she is doing when really it’s her sneaky way of getting a taster of the kitten’s food which both Noodle and Prune would eat ahead of the kittens if I left them to it. They look so well mannered, bitter wouldn’t melt, as they wait patiently so see if there is anything left in a dish when the last kitten walks away, so they can nip in & clean up. Again, I’m not fooled, if I wasn’t there in the room to say a stern no, or to put out a foot as a physical barrier or even push an over eager mum away I think there would be hungry little bellies!

Gerrofff me mum!