Monday 9 September 2019

Pile up

I am making the most of every second with these beauties, being very conscious that my personal clock of time with them is fast ticking away. They are such fun, galloping around my home, chasing one another up & down the hallway into and out of the rooms.

They will all seek to be with me & or with their mum & siblings & often I have a 5 or 6 cat pile up on my bed or where I’m sitting. I wake from a snooze to hear kittens purring away (so different a sound to adult purring) or I hear Pru’s Mummy call, or else I hear her kittens suckling madly upon her nipples. Yes, those cheeky kittens will still nuzzle their way in to suckle even though there is no milk, it’s really just like having a dummy in, they do it for comfort.  Pru will generally allow them to do this for a short time, particularly if she is dozing as she is in this image. Here it is daughters Karma (head buried) who is under sister Lux & each is attached. Prune will allow this just as long as they do not bite her or until she feels sore. She will either push them away with a back leg or more often as that continually fails, she will get up & move away.