Tuesday 23 July 2019

Short Videos for day 19

Not the best examples of my work I know, but, in my defence I was trying to get focussed and interesting shots of them as I moved and panned around, often unable to see what I’m filming. These three short clips are cut from one longer one, removing much of the ‘junk’.

Yesterday evening after last feed and again this morning (day 20) kittens seemed more alert and eager for attention. The blue girl laced on her back for ages seeming to really enjoy being fussed over, stretching her back legs, then her front in bliss.

Each kitten is now able to sit up easily but none, as yet, appear strong enough with their rear legs to walk well. They will however, try to climb the walls of the nest eager to explore and build up their strength and stamina. I will very soon be moving from out of their original nest so that they can come and go a little bit more to increase this further. I have a large pet crate ready, and this will soon have to be their new home - this will do away with risk of falling out of their box and being unable to get back in.

I’m still feeding the blue pair and am amazed at how the little gannets gulp down the milk. Each feed now approx. 15-20mls. One of the black kittens also eagerly accepts formula milk so she gets some each feed too, about 15mls. I’ve ordered more formula as it’s being used so fast!