Wednesday 3 July 2019


3:53a.m Pru got wriggly,  then I heard a sort of sniffing breath sound. I lay my hand on her and felt contractions. We are on!

4:11 waters broke

At 4:30a.m the first kitten was born. It looks blue, arriving with its tongue out.
Almost immediately the placenta passed and she dealt with it and began pushing again.

Kitten 2 was born breached and stuck for a while with the head in. Stay calm I told myself as the kitten had all 4 limbs pushing to pull itself into the world. It also looks blue.

By 5:15 kitten 3 arrived inside of its sac. Mum opened that immediately. It looks black. The placenta took a while longer.

After that arrived, I waited for Prune to deal with it them as I was cleaning away some messy sheets to a bin bag I looked in and saw there was another kitten. No. 4. It too is black.

I felt her tummy. More were there..

Soon no 5 arrived, breach but not stuck. It looks blue.

I can see and feel more movement inside her so we are not done. Just resting.

I am overwhelmed and Pru looks shellshocked. Noodle is standing by, coming running when she heard that first squeal as she is programmed to do having mothered before (I’ve blogged about how she runs in to help with human babies before).

I make no apologies, I will be guilty of over posting stories and photos while I have kittens !