Friday 5 July 2019

Day 2 Kitten update

Well, it’s a mixed bag of news today...

I was awake ALL night. And as happened the night before, every time Pru moved position or had been out and returned to the nest, I needed to unearth kittens from beneath her. It’s a massive worry after losing one of Noodle’s kittens this way last year. My ears are on high alert & I’m constantly checking and head counting. As kittens get stronger and more mobile the risk will reduce but for now I am not moving from being on hand and high alert, hoping that’s enough.

Weigh in today saw the two black girls push the scales over the 100g mark, however the blue girl made a much smaller weight gain, while her brothers have lost weight again.

Preempting this, having watched them so closely, at 5:20am, Having constantly seem the black ladies muscling and bulldozing their siblings out of the way I decided it was time to step in and give them a hand and made up some kitten formula. I gave the blue’s 1.5ml each hoping this would be enough to give them a boost of energy they needed to hold their own a little better.

This lunchtime I’ve decided to help out on a timed basis, hoping that my doing this every 2 hours for,the rest of the day will make enough difference that they begin to hold their own and feed better from mum.

Ideally I’d like this to be a very short term measure so that the demand for milk is all on Pru so that she will increase her milk supply to sustain them all, but if necessary I will continue to supplement feed them as an ongoing thing. Alexa is tasked to remind at 2 hourly intervals in case I decide that I must sleep and zonk out.