Thursday 4 July 2019

Sexed and weighed.

The first night has gone well - I know I feel better for having some sleep even if I did wake several times to help out. The biggest issue is a kitten being underneath of Prune when she repositions herself. As they get stronger and more mobile and she gets more experienced this will resolve itself but for now I’m on ‘high alert’ 🚨.

So day zero I did sex them but felt a little blurry and bleary eyed however, after a re-examination today, I feel confident in announcing that Prune has birthed

  • 2 solid black females
  • 2 solid blue males 
  • 1 solid blue female

Kittens are weighed daily as this allows a good gauge on their ongoing health status and to know that they are feeding well. A small loss on day 1 is not too worrying, the colostrum they get in these early days so vital similar really to we humans however, you should  expect to see a gain each day of approximately 5g+ once feeding is established. There has been gain in 3 of them but a small loss for two of them. If they do not gain overnight I will start to give formula to supplement Prunes milk. Ideally I’d want to give her time to supply enough for them but cannot allow any kitten to fade.