Monday 8 July 2019

Tipping the scales!

All kittens now tip the scales in triple digits, with the little lad entering at 107g on today’s weigh in. I’m feeding him formula but I do also see him trying to feed from mum, occasionally latching on by himself or allowing me to help. It gives me hope that he won’t continue to need my help.

The biggest still are the black girls, at 149 and 160g and the blue girl at 137g. I reckon 2 -3 days there will be a mass doubling of their birth weights.

One black girl had an eye open yesterday surprising me when I picked her up to weigh her with her a cheeky little wink! It always surprises me when their eyes open. The other 2 females had followed suit this morning, strangely all with naughty one-eye open winks! (I just had another look now and I was seen - with both eyes now fully open - and even got the tiniest little meow! Missed it when taking the photo below! Sooooo cute.

Blue girl is quite the sleepy-head, she zonks out in the evening and, when jostled by a sibling or her mum, has the biggest yawn.

Blue boy top, 2 black girls.

Blue girl climbing over one of her black sisters.