Thursday 26 May 2022

Video Treat & Day 4

Made this video earlier today! Sweet Dreaming

Really this is day 3 being as the birth day is medically day zero but it seems descriptive that day 4 after a Monday birth is Thursday- which this is.

It’s been a chilled & quiet day here, something that in these early days means that things are going really well… contented & well fed kittens are quiet, they sleep, they wake, they snuffle for a teat, drink & they squeak mainly quietly only yelling loudly when objecting - such as being held down by the mother during toileting when they are hungry, or if a re-settling mum returning to the nest has accidentally laid on them in some way. The quickness to yell is enough to alert mum that there is distress & she will move (or I will leap up and unearth the stricken kitten). 

Still dual feeding, I’ve re-weighed the kittens this evening and am really delighted with the gains they are making - which are as follows:

Blue Female day 2 100g - day 4 121g

Black female day 2 112g - day 4 136g (yes seriously!)

Blue male 1 day 2 103g - day 4 120g

Blue make 2 day 2 - 109g - day 4 128g

I have finally got around to uploading video to the you tube so I’m providing them here for you to enjoy.

There are videos from the births themselves & footage taken since. 

Birth of kitten #3 - a blue male 

Birth of kitten #4 Black Female