Saturday 7 May 2022


Dear Prune… she has wanted nothing more than to be a lap cat during this pregnancy… luckily - other than when I knitting  - I’m not adverse to this. 

Since my last post, the kittening box came… and forced a change of routine/plan.. because it was advertised in inches I didn’t fully appreciate its size and honesty 30x30 inches is much larger than I had pictured it - I won’t make the joke about all women being told all of their lives about 6 inches! Anyway, it arrived and I immediately assembled it, screwing the wooden rails into position. The change of plan is in the usual placing of the birthing box into pet crate. I have two, and the box won’t go in the large one not by some margin. Hey ho. It’s a great box with nice deep sides. In its bottom I’ve laid down both of my lengths of vet bed, though I’ll take one away when she births so that I have one in use & the other one being washed/drying. After the births I’ll place Pru’s food & water into the extra space. Because it’s so roomy, and high sided it will happily contain the kittens. I’ve even lined it with the cot bumpers, attaching them with cloths pegs since I’ve now got no bars to tie up to. I’ve put a he y throw over the top (just as I would have done with the crate) to form a den so it will still be very cozy. 

I have the bag of 10 Miracle Nipples & unearthed all of my kittening & neonatal kitten rearing supplies. A good job I checked now as the Hartmanns veterinary fluid was found to have an expiry date as May ‘22, so I’ll get that replaced asap. Hopefully, as I said the other day, I won’t need to resort to using it but I’d rather not ( if it were needed) use this one with its expiry date being right now. Better a newer one. 

That was the only item that had expired, The only other item  leith a date coming up soon Kitty Stim (a colostrum & vitamin paste useful for boosting a fading kitten) . Thar was unused last time and if it’s not needed this time round I’ll chuck it out as it expires in July. It’s not cheap to buy (at around £18-20) but it’s a handy go-to item, as is No 15+ Manuka Honey with its antibacterial & energy boosting properties - and I am happy to go ahead and use that myself it if that’s not needed so no change of expiry there!  

All I need to do now is freshly wash and sterilise the birthing bits (just in case I need to use them during births) & the feeding equipment to make up formula. 

So, I was happily knitting (just begun another dress for my littlest granddaughter for the Autumn/winter) when this little lady came & took up residence….. look how she has her soppy half closed eyes & head turned in so that I am somehow fooled into thinking she is immediately asleep having dropped in my lap (actually on my chest) … then a few seconds later, seeing I’m putting my knitting aside she’s all wide eyed ! I do love how she curls her toes in too. Sweet girl. Night night